Exhibitions in October

To brighten up the rainy autumn weekdays, we have compiled an art route through the main exhibitions of St. Petersburg and Moscow. It's time to explore the city through the prism of art.

Exhibitions in October

In the moments of anxiety and general chaos surrounding us, it is needed to find something inviolable, permanent, that will blow your fears away and clarify thoughts. Art can be a kind of medicine. Thus, we present you a selection of five best exhibitions in Moscow and St. Petersburg that you can and (probably even) should visit this month.

Brother Ivan. Collections of Mikhail and Ivan Morozov

When and where: Pushkin Museum. Moscow. June 28 - October 30.

Until October 30, those interested in traditional art have the opportunity to look at one of the most significant paintings compellations of the Russian collectors Mikhail and Ivan Morozov. The curators tried to fully reconstruct the brothers' collection by getting paintings and art objects from various museums from all over the country. Among the objects of the collection, you can notice such globally recognized masters as Monet, Gauguin and Matisse. Definitely, a must visit.

The Birth of Modern Art: Sergey Shchukin's choice

When and where: Hermitage, Main Headquarters. St. Petersburg. June 26 - October 30.

Another famous collection of Sergei Shchukin is now presented at the Hermitage Headquarters. The exhibition shows more than 150 of the greatest examples of French modernism. Unlike a similar Moscow exhibition, the curators tried to restore not only the collection itself, but also the authentic hanging of paintings in St. Petersburg. The show aroused such high interest from the audience, so now it is possible to see the collection even on Monday, which is usually the museum's day off. I hope you will have a nice trip to the real collector's house! Hurry up!

The habitat

When and where: MMOMA. Moscow. September 9 - October 30.

The Moscow Museum of Modern Art hosts the exhibition "The habitat", which is created in collaboration with the online gallery SAMPLE. "The habitat" turned out to be very interdisciplinary: objects of art, design and craft sound to the accompaniment of textual sketches by Shakhri Amirkhanova. For the exhibition, the museum has allocated as many as nine halls, each of which is a separate world with its own history. For the exhibition, the museum has allocated as many as nine halls, each of which is a separate world with its own history, which can be naively funny or, on the contrary, tragic, but anyway, they are all extremely touching. Among the artists are residents of the SAMPLE gallery, who make up the majority of Russian contemporary art at the moment. Thus, the exhibition will be of interest to those who want to immerse themselves more seriously in the world of contemporary art and its actors.

Peter Shvetsov. Portrait of an unknown man with a tail and stilettos

When and where: Marina Gisich Gallery. St. Petersburg. September 28 - November 26.

People who do not work in the field of contemporary art do not often go to modern galleries. This needs to be fixed quickly! Therefore, we include Marina Gisich Gallery in our artsy trip, which is one of the most famous and first galleries of contemporary art in St. Petersburg, moreover, for the second year in a row this gallery receives the main prizes at art fairs. Now the gallery hosts a personal show by Pyotr Shvetsov. The exhibition is a collection of paintings that intuitively refer viewers to such old masters as Rubens and Rembrandt. Shevtsov's works are grotesque and emotional. According to the curatorial text of the exhibition, the paintings are a way of documenting a series of performances by the artist. A good exhibition to get out of your comfort zone. The main thing is not to be afraid to ring the bell!

VR Gallery

When and where: Mars Center. Moscow. Until October 31.

In post-covid times, it is difficult to surprise the viewers with traditional pictures, so keeping up with the times, we add digital art to the collection of exhibitions. You can transfer yourself to the space of iconic canvases such as Edvard Munch's "Scream" or Claude Monet's "Water Lilies" in the Mars center. For those who are not yet ready to get into emotionally colored masterpieces, the center allows you to visit a virtual tour of the famous museums of the world. A great opportunity to see ironic pictures in real life.

We do hope our mini-guide will become a useful source through the complex but incredibly interesting world of art, both traditional and contemporary.

Text by

Aleksandra Shanina