World Politics Day at HSE - St. Petersburg

Sofya Vyalkina invites you the spend a day of World Politics.

World Politics Day at HSE - St. Petersburg

We live in a such period of time when students can see the walls of their native and beloved educational institution only when they go in it to get certificates (“spravky”), or through the camera of a teacher who broadcasts from the university building, or against an artificially made background in the Zoom installed by their colleges just for fun or because they miss the familiar environment and atmosphere. 

In such conditions it is really very difficult to talk about any non-academic life.  It would be already nice to open eyes for seminar at 8 a.m. and connect to Microsoft Teams right from the bed. Not talking about remembering how we stayed after classes or how we came to university on our only day off to run through the transformed corridors with a toy pistol and shoot at imaginary enemies (almost a year has passed since that amazing quest on Kantemirovskaya was organized); or how we gathered for the well-known HSE Career Week in offline format (yes, there was once such an even).

However, while we all waiting for a return to such truly great and memorable events, you can spend time with no less pleasure and benefit at the next online event, which our university has prepared for us. There is very little time left when we can again change online events to seemingly forgotten personal meetings, lectures, fairs, workshops and so on. So let's enjoy one of the latest events held in this virtual format.  Our dear organizers are trying for us so that we do not forget how it is to study at the university. What it is like to live your student years in real life, and not through the monitors of all possible devices.

This time the St. Petersburg campus of our university suggests highlighting such a day as the World Politics Day, which will be held on February 6. If you are even a little interested in the sphere of international relations, or just want to listen to explanations in plain language about something complicated, then you should definitely join this event.  Especially for people like you, Political Science and World Politics BA, the student project HSEIMUN and the partners of the event will hold a series of lectures and master classes.  The classes will allow you to learn more about world politics and gain the skills necessary for international affairs. In today's conditions, when international relations and world politics are becoming a particularly tense topic, it is necessary to understand both the fundamentals and current problems and future trends in the development of various kinds of issues in this area. Since we are still talking about something global, there is no getting away from language integration.  Therefore, be prepared for the perception of other languages.  All events will be held in 3 languages: Russian, English and French.  More specifically, we can mention such events as:

  • lectures by teachers of the program "Political Science and World Politics"
  • master classes on the development of soft-skills from student clubs and partners
  • presentation of the Model UN
  • master classes from the World Politics and Diplomacy Club

Be sure to remember to register for this event.

Even if you are not a political scientist, you will not regret if you take part in this event. All students can receive an electronic certificate of participation. To do this, you must register (again a kindly reminder) on the site and attend at least four events.

As for the partners of the event, which have already been mentioned above, the following can be distinguished:

  • HSE French Club - St. Petersburg
  • Youth association "Ufights"
  • Youth Association “AIESEC St.Petersburg "
  • The HSE Conversation Club - St. Petersburg "Talking Crows"
  • Master's program "Comparative Politics of Eurasia"

Even if you are not from the educational program "Political Science and World Politics" do not be afraid to plunge into a world, perhaps completely far from your specialty.  Who knows, maybe this is your calling.

Text by
Sofya Vyalkina