HSE French Club 10.10 Roundtable Summary

How does it feel to talk about ambivertism with a native speaker?

HSE French Club 10.10 Roundtable Summary

Stuck at B1 level? Communication is still a nightmare? Don't know whom to practice with? Or just feel that you are forgetting French?

If at least once you answered "Yes! ", then you will definitely fall in love with the events оf HSE French club. On October 10, they held a round table even where participants discussed the topic of extroversion and introversion.

"Thirty people registered, but fewer came," says one of the organizers, a first-year master's student Polina Kochina.

However, it did not prevent the participants from a very interesting conversation on who extroverts and introverts were. During the round table problems that both kinds of people face in every-day life were revealed. Participants also learned that there were also representatives of the mixed type – ambiverts.

In addition, the participants watched different videos, passed Eysenck Personality Questionnaire in French. "Most of the participants turned out extroverts, so it was not so difficult for them to overcome the language barrier during the discussion."

If you want to ask whether French club visit only Russian speaking people, the answer will be NO.

"We usually hold round tables a couple times a season." – adds Polina – "Now we think about arranging a movie evening and maybe a meeting with French speaking participants."

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Stay tuned!

Text by
Daria Komarova

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