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Book chapter
A Survey on Business Cycles: History, Theory and Empirical Findings

Orlando G., Sportelli M.

In bk.: Consequences of Social Transformation for Economic Theory. Proceedings of the 2022 Euro-Asian Symposium on Economic Theory (EASET), Ekaterinburg, Russia. Ekaterinburg: Springer, 2022. P. 5-34.

Working paper
Equilibrium existence and uniqueness in additive trade models

Slepov Fedor, Kokovin S. G.

Basic research program. WP BRP. National Research University Higher School of Economics, 2023. No. 262/EC/2023.

Papers by Staff of the Department of Economics at the XVI April International Academic Conference

The XVI April International Academic Conference on Economic and Social Development, which will take place in Moscow from April 7 – 10, 2015, is one of the key academic events of the year. Thirteen professors of the St.Petersburg School of Economics and Management Department of Economics will speak at the conference.

A. Zaostrovtsev (HSE – Saint-Petersburg)
Modern Austrian School on Institutions and Development Problems (Annotation, full version)

V. Ivanova (HSE), P. Ushchev (HSE ), H. Vakhitova (KSE)
Occupational choice of migrants: does NEG tell something new? (Annotation, full version)

S. Kichko (HSE), K. Behrens (Université du Québec à Montréal), P. Ushchev (HSE)
Trade liberalization and markup divergence: a general equilibrium approach (Annotation, full version)

B. Korneychuk (HSE – Saint-Petersburg)
"Path Dependency" Effect and an Evolutionary Theory of Economic Change (Annotation, full version)

I. Kuga (HSE – Saint-Petersburg), E. Kuzmina (JSC VTB)
Russian Money Market: A Blackboard Model (Annotation)

V. Matveenko (HSE – Saint-Petersburg), A. Matveenko (CERGE-EI, Prague)
Technological choice generating normalized CES production functions (Annotation, full version)

K. Mozgovaya (HSE – Saint-Petersburg)
Effect of changes in the legal framework governing the air transport industry in the Russian Federation, to the economic feasibility of overbooking (Annotation, full version)

A. Muravyev (HSE – Saint-Petersburg), B. Black (Northwestern University)
Do disclosure and transparency matter for firm value? Evidence from the Russian stock exchange (Annotation)

D. Pokrovsky (HSE)
Market Size, Entrepreneurship, and Income Inequality: Sorting Extension (Annotation)

P. Ushchev (HSE ), A. Bucci (Università degli Studi di Milano)
Sharing externalities under Variable Elasticity of Substitution (Annotation)

A. Fedyunina (HSE – Saint-Petersburg), S. Kadochnikov (HSE – Saint-Petersburg)
Export Performance and Survival in Russia: Why Some Regions Grow Fast and Others Don't (Annotation, full version)