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About the Programme

Degree in Master of Arts in Modern East Asian Studies

Development of rapidly-growing and challenging Asia requires new highly professional knowledge and deep understanding of many issues in Asian politics, economics and business. Focusing on this, leading scholars, analysts, specialist in Asian studies, and practitioners present the updated programme "Business and Politics in Modern Asia".

Language of Instruction - English

Outlines of the programme:

This unique English-language programme in Russia for students majored in "Asian and African Studies" provides comprehensive, truly interdisciplinary approach to business and politics in modern Asia. It concentrates both on the general Asian processes as well as at the development of particular countries, primarily China, Japan, Korea, and the region of South and Southeast Asia.

The programme focuses mainly on the issues in business and political processes in Asia, including business and entrepreneurship, political and financial elites of the region, national-specific issues and intercultural communication between Europe, Russia and Asia.

The programme combines two main approaches: academic and applied. On the one hand, the programme covers the fundamentals of political, economic, social and national-specific processes in Asia. On the other hand, the programme develops practical skills for cooperation with Asian countries, both at the level of political and business consulting, as well as at the level of everyday business.

Objectives of the programme:

As a result of the programme, students should:

  • understand the basics of the methodology for analyzing, evaluating and forecasting political processes, economic and national-specific risks in modern Asia;
  • learn to communicate with the political and financial elites of Asia;
  • study the basics of Asian business, entrepreneurship, management, investments, trade, economic and political cooperation;
  • understand the strategy of promoting their interests in Asian markets, bringing foreign projects to Asia, and establishing multilateral Euro-Asian cooperation in politics and business connections;
  • learn to protect their interests when working in Asian markets, including intellectual property rights, patents, trademarks and technological secrets;
  • develop skills on building relationships between Asian, Russian and European partners, to understand the negotiation process, due diligences and compliance;
  • understand the impact of historical past, national ideas and international relations on the modern development of Asia;

Start of the programme:
The programme starts at the beginning of September.

Asian language skills

As an options programme offers intensive, advanced training in spoken and written modern Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Arabic languages (by request)

International Partners of Program

The programme is developed in close cooperation with several renowned universities on the base of which students as an option can spend a semester abroad at Beijing Normal University (Beijing, China)

  • Hong Kong City University
  • London School of Public Relations (Indonesia)
  • Ca’Foscari University (Italy)
  • Sheffield University (UK), etc.

Career opportunities

The rapid development of Asian economies and East-West political and economic cooperation will continue to provide many careers in:

  • Political and business analytics and expertise in think tanks;
  • Consulting: political and economic consulting and crisis-management;
  • In government agencies departments and private companies developing business relations with Asian countries;
  • In SME, private entrepreneurship and networking in the crossroad of EU, Asia and Russia countries;
  • In public service and in media industry