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198099 Saint Petersburg
17 Promyshlennaya Ulitsa, Room 107

Phone:+7 (812)786-92-49 

Postal address: 
190008 Saint Petersburg
16 Soyuza Pechatnikov Ulitsa


Department Head Alexander Semyonov
Academic Supervisor Evgeniy Anisimov

International Student Research Forum 2017

On February, 2-3 senior Bachelor and Master’s degree students of the Department of History wil take part the session "Usable Pasts" within the framework of the International Student Research Conference

The session “Usable Pasts” is organized by Department of History, HSE University St. Petersburg. It aims at exploring the dynamic field of history featuring both the efforts of various disciplines in dealing with the pasts and interdisciplinary approaches within the discipline of history.  The session embraces a broad variety of research themes, which deal with material objects in history and their meanings within the framework of heritage and memory studies on the one hand, and the politics of circulation of historically formed discourses of identity and legitimacy in present-day society, on the other hand.

-    historical memory and historically-informed discourses of public politics and identity politics;

-    nationalism, cultural heritage and nationalization of the past;

-    comparative history of the imperial pasts, imperial diversity and imperial legacy;

-    symbolic representations of history in post-imperial and post-colonial societies;

-    studies of collective trauma and historical justice;

-    cultural, natural and industrial heritage, including public museums, media space, use of nature in historical narratives and memory;

-    history in interaction with other disciplines: environmental history, history of science, intellectual history, technological history, urban history, economic history, history and law.        

Contact: Evgeny Khvalkov ekhvalkov@hse.ru

Usable Pasts_Programme_History.doc

Dates: 2-3.02.2017
Location: Kantemirovskaya, 3a, St Petersburg

Additional information about the Forum