Multilingual Winter Holiday

In many countries and cultures, New Year and Christmas are the most long-awaited holidays of the year.

Multilingual Winter Holiday

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Families and friends come together and exchange vivid impressions for the year, warm words. HSE students are also a big family and we are glad to announce an upcoming Multilingual winter holiday event! Multicultural, French, Spanish and Italian Clubs are going to organize a very cozy evening full of positive emotions and festive atmosphere. 

It is indeed a very unique opportunity for the domestic and international students to expand their horizons in terms of New Year and Christmas celebration in various cultures. Who knows, probably after this event the participants will look at their standard winter holiday from another angle: new national dishes will appear in the menu, you will experience various traditional customs and the company of friends organizing a winter party will be bigger!

In the program of the event there are various activities, including quizzes (probably with small prizes), reading and listening to poems related to winter holidays in different languages. The main language of the event is English, but students will practice other languages since we will have many native speakers from various countries.

The heads of the clubs shared their ideas about the event.

Alexandra Tavrovskaya, the head of the Multicultural Club HSE by SOFL students

In my opinion such events as the Multilingual winter holiday party are really necessary for building a diverse and friendly community. I would say that December is the hardest time of the year in terms of the deadlines, winter exams and so on, but at the same time the most magical one, because HSE starts to prepare for the New Year. Of course, under the influence of this snowy and sparkly atmosphere we want to unite with our international friends and listen about their traditions of celebrating winter holidays. Of course, we won’t forget about Russia and will share our New Year and Christmas traditions with great pleasure. I would specify why the heads of other clubs and I have decided to give exactly this title to the event. The fact is we have representatives of different religions here, that’s why it is incorrect to call it a “Christmas event”. Moreover, not in every country there is a standard notion of the New Year. So we decided to make it broader. In any case, regardless of our home country and religion, we are united by this feeling of upcoming festive fun! 

Sofya Kotereva, the head of the French Club HSE

Personally, I’m looking forward to our multilingual event for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it is becoming a beautiful tradition to get together. Two months ago we organized a poetry evening with Spanish and Italian clubs of HSE. We were reading poems in French, Italian, Spanish, English, we were singing together and sharing our impressions about art. There were students of different nationalities and from different faculties, but it was so cozy and inspiring that we decided to hold this event once again! 

Secondly, since everyone is absorbed by studies and upcoming exam sessions, our evening is a good opportunity to get rid of, to relax, to find new ideas, friends and energy for the rest of the year.

Alina Ivanova, the head of the Spanish Club HSE

The team members of the Spanish club are very excited to announce our second collaboration with SOFL’s clubs. In our opinion, not only do collaborations help to promote clubs’ activities but also unite people together. In our rapidly changing world it is crucial to build those friendly connections, to make a rapport with representatives of different cultures for the sake of cross-cultural communication. This month we decided to organize a meeting dedicated to winter holidays, hence traditions and habits related to this realm. It is common knowledge that this period of time brings families together. Therefore, we thought that if not in December then when we can bond our cultures (French, Italian, Spanish, Latin-American and many more)? For the Spanish club, it's perfect timing and we’re glad that our colleagues from French, Italian and Multicultural clubs are on the same page with us. We expect this event to be very festive with a cozy and friendly atmosphere. Come and join us!

Elizaveta Panikova, the head of the Italian Club HSE

For me, our winter event is an opportunity to bring together in one place cool people united by a love of languages and an interest in studying the cultures of different countries. I look forward to enthusiastic conversations and sharing knowledge, as the students and professors at HSE are an endless stream of inspiration. I am confident that the event's atmosphere will infect everyone with a New Year's spirit. Moreover, the community will bring many smiles, acquaintances, positive emotions, and charge for the next session. The previous meeting with the Romance Language Clubs encouraged me to start learning French. Who knows what will happen this time? After all, New Year is a time of magic and miracles!


Finally, we want to summarize all the reasons for visiting a Multilingual winter holiday event:

  • you will get new knowledge concerning various countries, especially in the domain of celebrations which are one of the most vivid reflections of one’s culture;
  • listen to some beautiful poems and very likely in different languages; 
  • practice foreign languages, including English, French, Spanish and Italian;
  • try some snacks and chat with new friends.

Place: Pokrоvsky boulevard 11, co-working N205

Date and time: 16, December 18:00


Text by

Alexandra Tavrovskaya