Cross-Сultural Event - To Feel The Harmony, Not To "Dissolve" Cultural Characteristics

Thao Pham remembers what it was like last year.

Cross-Сultural Event - To Feel The Harmony, Not To "Dissolve" Cultural Characteristics

Last year, December 11 was probably the happiest Saturday for me since the beginning of my student life at HSE, because I successfully participated in organizing and holding a small but significant fun event - a Cross-Cultural Event.

I always feel grateful when I study at Foreign Languages ​​and Intercultural Communication Faculty. Here I get a chance to study and interact with people from many different countries. This made me from a "frog at the bottom of the well" and able to come out of my well and see the colorful, multicultural world.

What's even more amazing is that together we successfully organized the first "amateur" event at HSE. What I have always loved about this University is that you always have the right to speak up and express your opinions about anything. In our "English for the current sociocultural agenda" lesson, we discussed many topics related to social inclusion or exclusion from all around the world. The more we know, the greater our urge to change. So we decided to organize an event where anyone from any country can participate and introduce their country.

The real preparation is always chaotic but fun. People come up with ideas on how to do it, discuss topics that need to be covered, and prepare a room for hosting the event (and even… chatting, and gossiping about little things in group chat *haha*). All the preparation is quite simple and quick as we want this event to be a place that brings warmth to anyone who attends. Foreigners like me felt really included on this Saturday.

And finally, the moment that we have been waiting for - the day of the event - happened. With the participation of our 1st-year classmates and Mr. Bakulev Aleksei Valentinovich, we have successfully achieved the original purpose of the event - a small but warm event.

We showed a presentation to introduce our special things about countries like food, beaches, poems, famous people,… I learned many interesting things about Afghanistan, China, Italy, Nigeria, Russia, and Uzbekistan.

We also prepare some snacks, some traditional dishes, or simple home-cooked food for everyone to enjoy together.

In addition, we also listened to Nigerian Poems and Chinese Songs.

All of this makes it a memorable event for our attendees. After the event ended, there was a lot of resonance that made us think about upcoming events, to create an official club operating under the permission of HSE. We know that the process for the club to officially operate may not be immediate. But with enthusiasm and full of youth, we are ready to organize bigger, more professional events, connecting more students of HSE. So stay tuned for us, we will be back soon to bring good news.

Text by

Thao Pham