Cross-Cultural Event for International Students

Cross-Cultural Event for International Students

Being an International student in Russia can be nice but really intriguing. The adaptation process into the Russian system and culture can be nerve wracking for international students who have never been out of their comfort zone. 

To facilitate the adaptation of international students into Russian system, the School of Foreign Languages is organising a cross-cultural event for international students.


12 November

Time: 15:00

Venue: Room A-408

Address: School of Foreign Languages, Higher School of Economics, Staraya Basmannaya Street 21/4c1.

Purpose of the Event

This event is targeted at aiding international students to settle better into the Russian community, creating a friendly environment between the domestic students and the international students, facilitating the social inclusion of international students and also knowing different cultures/traditions.

This year, the school of foreign languages in the Higher school of economics recorded an unprecedented number of international students from various countries, notably: Vietnam, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Syria, Italy, Ghana, Nigeria, Togo, just to mention a few. This is why the administration came up with this amazing idea of hosting an event that will be partly educational and partly entertaining in order to strengthen the bonds between domestic and international students.

Plan of Activities

  • Introduction of the international and domestic students

  • A glimpse into the other person’s country

    this part is to enable domestic students learn a bit about the international student’s country of origin and cultures

  • Games and Story Time

  • Refreshment and Music

  • Photo Session

What students of the SOFL think about the event

Aleksandra Tavrovskaya (Russia):

Well, at the moment I am completing my master’s degree at the program «Foreign languages and intercultural communication». Before this year I rarely thought about the essence of the last phenomenon, since 99% of my friends were Russians. I had some online foreign buddies, of course. But by communicating distantly you cannot fully practice your intercultural communication skills. Luckily, this year we have an unprecedented number of international students and it is a very multidimensional phenomenon. 

I was expecting that the inclusion of international students would be really smooth and easy. To my surprise, some problems came up. So, putting myself in the international student’s shoes and having a really heart-to-heart conversation with my friend from Nigeria about how hard it is for international students, I realized that we (the domestic and the international students) should do something together to deal with inclusion issues. Moving closer to more specific strategies of inclusion: my friends and I decided to organize a cross-cultural event for sharing some traditions, interesting facts, and what is more - even some local food! I’m waiting for this day with great alacrity and hope it would be really inspiring for all of our students!

Adeyinka Busayo (Nigeria):

This is a medium for international students to get to know more about our colleagues. The fact is that we are all in different specializations and groups, so we might never get to know or see some of our colleagues from other groups. Thanks to the organizers of this event for making it possible for us to meet for the first time as a class and as a department. Sincerely, I am really anticipating the fun and the people.

Yaovi Akpabli (Togo):

The initiative of this event is really amazing. This is my first time in Russia and it’s really difficult for me to settle in, as I don’t speak the Russian language and I don’t know most of my colleagues, but I’m sure that with the aid of this event, it will be a lot easier for me to adapt to the new system I’m in.

Thao Pham (Vietnam):

The School of Foreign Languages is one of the best things to happen to me. I’m grateful for the events and curriculum that they have made available to us. During one of our classes on social inclusion, one of our students complained about not feeling really included into the system and this gave birth to the idea of this event. It’s amazing.

Text by

Esther Chinonyerem Ajuzie