Non-Academic Life: Events Of Incommunity

Anna Zamaraeva talks about Incommunity Organization for students.

Non-Academic Life: Events Of Incommunity

Active and developed non-academic life is one of HSE’s advantages. Our university has a lot of various student organizations. Some of them work for all departments while others help students from some educational programmes make their lives more versatile. We are going to tell you about one student organization and its activities. We hope you will visit its events next year.

The Faculty of Communications, Media and Design (FCMD) has its own student organization - Incommunity. Incommunity even got the award ‘Iron Egg-2018’ as the Student Activity of the Year. Incommunity’s priority target is to make shining events for FCMD’s students and students from other programmes. So even if you do not study at FCMD, you can visit Incommunity’s events, too!

You are interested in Incommunity’s activity and performances, aren’t you? Let’s talk about some unusual and just funny events.

Did you like to make hovels with blankets in your childhood? Yes? Incommunity can give you a chance to repeat that. Just before the New Year of 2020, this student organization prepared a "Hovel-party". Students made hovels, watched good movies, and drank cacao with marshmallows. This nice and cozy event is the best solution for New Year party.

If you are a fan of board games then a Board Games Evening in the university is just for you. In January there was a fascinating event with games organized for students. Dixit, Crocodile and other interesting games were suggested. If students wanted to play but did not know rules of the games, they had not problems. Hosts explained the rules and helped participants during the games. It was a great way to find new friends or to spend time with your fellow students.  This evening was not only intellectual, but also really funny and enjoyable.

And what about the most romantic day of the year? I am talking about Saint Valentine’s Day, of course. Incommunity could not miss it. During the day students could choose different activities from Incommunity. For instance, students could come to the ‘registry office’ and marry their friends as a joke. Love predictions were included in the event. Another activity was the photo zone with luxurious atmosphere. So if you did not want to participate in marrying someone or to learn your future, you could just make stylish photos. All students found an activity to their liking.

You know that in spring HSE started to work remotely due to coronavirus situation. It was really sad as students liked going to university and visiting different events. Incommunity decided that this problem was not an obstacle and organized some events in ZOOM. 

In May there was a quiz - Quiz Please. If you got tired from watching serials and movies as the main activity during the quarantine this event was the best way to spend time and check your knowledge or learn something new.

In June students played the role game Corona-Apocalypse in ZOOM. They needed to imagine the situation that they sat in a bunker with unknown people while the world was terrified by the virus. All coincidences with reality were accidental. Students had different roles. Their aim was to stay in the bunker and to make other participants to leave it. That was harder than you can think.

The quarantine was not only the time to play quizzes and games. It was tthe time to develop your personality in different spheres. So Incommunity organized The Week of Master Classes. To begin with, students learned video montaging. If you keep Instagram or just enjoy video editing, that could be interesting for you.

Then there was the Breakfast Master Class. Who does not like eating something tasty as a start of the day? Do you think “Everybody likes tasty breakfasts”? That means that it is a really useful skill for you to know how to prepare cheese pancakes. Other two master classes were about dancing and drawing. During the quarantine all we were looking for was inspiration. And these two activities helped to get inspired. Even if students had never visited dancing or drawing lessons, these master classes were opened for them. All students could find something suitable for them during The Week of Master Classes.

This organization has already prepared a lot of other activities. Don’t worry if you did not visit them. Next academic year Incommunity will organize many interesting things for HSE students. Student organization will be waiting for you! It was promised to explain how to visit Incommunity’s events if you are HSE student not from FCMD. You should only register.

All announcements of future events you can find on the Instagram account “incommunityhse”. Moreover, you can read some interesting and useful articles there. Don’t miss enjoyable events from student organization Incommunity next year.

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Text by
Anna Zamaraeva