“Televyshka”: HSE Video Channel

Elenа Sysa interviews an HSE student from "Televyshka".

“Televyshka”: HSE Video Channel

“Televyshka” is an amazing student organization, which regularly provides HSE students with actual information about various sides of life of the university in format of a video channel. I decided to speak with one of its participants - a producer Rostislav Tulupov (student of the 2nd grade of Media communications programme).

How would you describe the main mission of “Televyshka”? What is the meaning of this organization?

To my mind, it broadcasts some important things and ideas from students to students. Televyshka provides us with some basic opportunities to implement many cool initiatives.

What encouraged you to come to “Televyshka”?

It was my friend, a coordinator of “Televyshka”, who offered me to try myself in it. I came there, succeed at the casting and decided to continue. I was very encouraged and inspired. 

You are working in the section of producers now. Do you want to try a different role some day?

We have a special mechanism of changing the direction, but you should do some special tasks for it, you cannot move forward just because you want it. Personally, I do not see myself in a different sphere: I do not like SMM, dealing with social networks, I do not have skills for being a camera man and I do not want to be a reporter, because being in front of the camera seems to me pretty uncomfortable.

What new special skills have you learned in “Televyshka”?

I mainly improved in organizing the working process, it was my first great experience of producing such a big command. I also learned how to better communicate with colleagues. As a producer you have a huge responsibility, because a lot depends on you.

Do you face any difficulties in the working process?

Always. It is a real challenge to gather the equipment, to make deal with all participants. The main problem is that we are as not professional organization, we are just students, we do not have such opportunities as other video productions, we do not have enough technical equipment. We usually use some hardware, which “Televyshka” has from the Center of Supporting Student Initiatives, our own and sometimes from media center.

Tell us a funny or an outstanding experience, which you with your colleagues had in “Televyshka”?

We are never bored. For example, we had a video shooting in Odintsovo and this video was produced by me and one girl. When we were already packed, she told that she would not come and we had to go there without her. Finally, we spent nearly 8 hours filming, camera man was continuously drinking, we were trying to motivate him to film at least 5 minutes of the scene. What a story.

Which people would you advise to join “Televyshka”? Should they have any special characteristics for participating?

We need really motivated and inspired people, those who have a strong desire to create various things without any payment, just for improving your skills and also for those who has enough free time, because it is really time-consuming. Anyway, it is worth it.

Text by
Elena Sysa