English, Please: 5 Cinemas With Films In Original

Where to watch favorite films in the original language? Sofia Shatokhina knows.

English, Please: 5 Cinemas With Films In Original

Nothing beats watching a movie on the big screen. We have chosen for you 5 cinemas in Moscow which provides not only films in the original language, but also an unusual repertoire (old pictures, art-house, experimental films) — so, best places for true movie lovers. Remember: visit the cinemas only when the StayHome time comes to an end.

Here is the list of the cinema theatres.

  • «Mir Isskustva»

Mir Isskustva doesn't show any commercial cinema, but here is you can watch rare old pictures (begining of silent films), auteur films, animation, documentaries, debut work of young directors.

Weekly on Mondays the cinema club «Arteria Kino» shows the classics of world cinema — start at 19pm, don't be late.

  • «Zvezda»

On the first level of the usual living house in the center of Moscow (Zemlyanoy Val) is hiding the movie cafe Zvezda. Despite it is being not big at all, it is considered the center of social and intellectual cinema in Moscow. After watching the film, you can take part in a discussion with directors, actors, screenwriters.

  • «Pioner»

Pioner is being called one of the best movie theaters in Russia because of its’ latest equipment and serious and high-quality cinema in the repertoire. «Pioner» is a member of several European art-house cinema associations, he is regularly holding different international film festivals. Foreign paintings are shown without dubbing there, and subtitles are displayed on special electronic panels.

But you have to know: there is no popcorn in the cinema.

  • «Cosmos»

«Cosmos» was built in 1964 and still is counting as one of the largest cinemas in the city. It has a very interesting history: for example, it’s the place where the astronauts and the staff of the Cosmonaut Training Center watched «The White Sun of the Desert». Sometimes «Cosmos» serves as the location of the filming of show programs. But usually it is working as usual cinema with Russian films and foreign films on the original language (with subtitles).

  • «Fakel»

Fakel is placed near Aviamotornaya metro station. It’s known as one of the several movie theaters for «connoisseurs of cinema»: «Fakel» shows art-house, experimental cinema, author films. The cinema hosts retrospective screenings of world-famous directors, winners of prestigious international film festivals, and masterpieces of world cinema. And a lot of the films you can watch on the original language: not only in English, but also in German, Portuguese, Japanese and many other languages.

Be aware: there is no popcorn.

Text by
Sofia Shatokhina