HSE Minecraft: Re-create Pokrovka Complex Together

Self-isolation is becoming productive. Take part in reconstructing the notorious Pokrovka Complex in virtual reality.

HSE Minecraft: Re-create Pokrovka Complex Together

Spending days in self-isolation might be discouraging for many. A change of pace like this makes us get tired from boredom and stay in bed all day eating preserves. The quarantine time is still time and it is not meant to be wasted. Some initiative HSE students decided to team up to make it possible to meet up at Pokrovka Complex from home. An idea of recreating the university in Minecraft – a popular sandbox videogame, is quite adventurous but the result is proposed to be legendary.

Initiated by MovementHSE Alma MaterHSE Curators and sправедливость, the project is aimed to help students cope with boredom and feeling home-sick about the university. The number of students participating in the building process is ever-growing – workforce is what participants really need. Since it is planned to build all parts of the building and weld them together, this task becomes really complicated. Calculating the scales is also a kind of rocket-science for unexperienced players, but the curators of the project would appreciate any kind of assistance. Also, if the quarantine will be prolonged unfortunately, other HSE buildings will be constructed, including the HSE lyceum.

If you are bored enough and tired of conversating via Zoom etc., consider joining the brave construction workers and become a part of a great project. There is a possibility that one day the building will be used to run remote lectures and seminars. Also, it is a good chance to simulate chatting with your friends at Pokrovka atrium during the break. Apply to the project and get your first virtual job by filling in the form (link). You can ever choose the exact building you want to recreate – choose your favorite!

Text by
Eduard Oksem