Gaidpark: Debates Of The Life

Have you ever tried a debate in your life? Julia Morozova will tell you why you should.

Gaidpark: Debates Of The Life

Gaidpark – winter discussion school, which is sponsored by the Egor Gaidar Foundation in Moscow. It collects senior undergraduate and graduate students from completely different specialties to exchange experiences and to teach how to defend their position, no matter what. We talked with one of our students, who attended a winter school held on January 26 to Feb 2.

Irina Chuvasheva, major in  Media Communications, talks about her experience.

Who I found out about it?

I learned about this school in my first year at the university, I don’t remember, honestly from where, wrote an essay for selection, but they didn’t accept me, I was upset, but decided that I would try next year. Then I had no time with all the deadlines, and now, by the fourth year, I packed up, wrote and passed the selection! And also in the first half of the 4th year, I had some classes with Oksana Moroz (the woman who organizes this school) and  she told in more detail what it is

Format of the event

The format of the event is reflected in the title. This is a discussion school in which all activities are aimed at the art of upholding one's position, namely, debate. Our day looked something like this: at 9 am we had breakfast, then we immediately went to lectures, then there were workshops on creativity, lunch, then preparation for debates on a specific topic, dinner and in the evening the debates themselves. After the debate, there is reflection to discuss what was done well and what was not. But at night, who is still capable of at least getting around, gathers for songs with a guitar and just in communication with very interesting people. And so here are 7 days! On the one hand, it is very challenging, but on the other, every day was special in terms of getting new emotions.

Why is it so exciting?

What interesting and new I opened for me, this is generally material for a separate article. I came there as not the most academic person, I study media communications, so my specialty is very practical, and here I met such a variety of points of view, from completely different angles, people from completely different programs and specialties.

It's great that in this school there was still a balance between the academic side and some sort of empathy, energy, each in his own way was involved in the process, everyone had a chance to prove themselves on the so-called stage, and look at the debate from the audience. For all, it was a good push to exit the comfort zone, a lot of stress factors, but they also give you a drive.

About people

I met a huge number of new people from different cities and universities. And when you all sit together and discuss the task, there is such an exchange of knowledge, you feel how you complement each other and I liked it the most! Thank you very much for this opportunity!


Of the shortcomings, the regime was very saturated as it seemed to me, so by the middle of the school you start to burn out, because you do not sleep and process demands a huge amount of information every day, it’s worth making a day of respite to restore strength.

I want as many people as possible to know about this school and, in principle, there should be more similar schools, because there are a lot of students, and everyone should be given a chance. Students have a demand, to plunge into this atmosphere, it is important to give an offer for this demand.

All details about the school on the site, sign up for a summer school!

Text by
Julia Moroz