Pre-Xmas Trip To Budapest

Maria Kulagina knows how to make your vacation in Europe money-saving.

Pre-Xmas Trip To Budapest

If suddenly you have come up with an idea to visit Europe during the pre-Xmas period and you do not know what country to choose, I recommend going on a trip to Budapest with all of my heart.

Let us start with the basics. Budapest is the capital of Hungary - the city of bath houses, magnificent architecture and sufficiently low prices for everything. Budapest stands on the Danube River, dividing it in half. On one side of the river is hilly Buda, and on the other is absolutely flat Pest. The city is divided into 23 districts, which are simply indicated by Roman numerals. The most suitable areas for young people are VI, VIII – because there are many bars and clubs. Budapest's calling card is a parliament located on the bank of the Danube. The building in the Gothic style was built in the end of the 19th century. In early December, a huge lively Christmas tree decorated with thousands of lights was placed near the palace. The sight is simply amazing!

December in Budapest is a continuous holiday. Christmas attributes await you at every step, one fun-fair flowing into another. On this corner - Christmas street entertainment, on this - a concert of unknown, but quite charming musicians, on that - an inspiring master class from craftsmen. In December, you should definitely take a walk along the colorful streets of Budapest, try a potato with cinnamon and nuts and sausages with mustard, vegetables and real Hungarian bread, washed down with warm wine and spices. The main fair of Budapest takes place on Vereshmarti Square, all culinary specialists, locals and tourists flock are here.

Let us talk about how to cut down costs for a trip to Budapest:

  • The Polish-Hungarian low-cost company WizzAir flies to Budapest from Moscow and St. Petersburg, so it’s possible to fly cheap. It should be borne in mind that WizzAir is not a premium company. The price is indicated without luggage and you even have to pay for choosing a seat in the cabin.
  • Restaurants in Budapest are cheaper than in Moscow by 20%, but travelling by public transport in the capital of Hungary is more expensive. You can take 100E express bus from the airport to the center of Budapest. For that, you need to buy a special ticket for 3 euros. The point is that 100E makes only 4 stops.
  • A single ticket for one trip in the city - 300HUF (1 €). This ticket gives the right to travel in public transport for 80 minutes from the moment of composting during the day and 120 minutes at night. There is also an opportunity to purchase a ticket that is valid for 24 hours on all types of transport without travel restrictions - 1650HUF (5 €).
  • It’s quite possible to find an accommodation at 20 € per day in the center with a very high rating on Airbnb. I advise you not to choose hotels, but apartments. You can rent it for the price of a three-star hotel.
  • If you do not plan to spend money on restaurants, rent a flat with a kitchen and cook there. Citizens buy products at Tesco stores. For a bite to eat during walks you can buy, for example, baked goods from Lipóti and Pavlovic Pekseg. Prices there are very affordable, and goodies are always fresh. Also, take a Kürtőskalács traditional sweet for a walk. It costs about 1 euro. The cheapest one you can find in the subway Deak Ferenc ter. The gastronomic visiting card of Budapest is goulash. However, in the restaurants there is often added too much pepper. Therefore, you can ask to serve paprika separately and use it in proportions you prefer.
  • Of course, it’s worth it to spend at least half a day at bath house. The Gellert baths in Budapest are the most beautiful in the city. Opening hours: from 6:00 to 20:00. Entrance fee - from 14 euros per person.

New Year's Europe - a fairy tale in its purest form! Christmas markets, wonderfully decorated squares, mulled wine, grog and punch fill the streets with flavors. I am sure that visiting Budapest in December once, you will definitely want to return.

Text by
Maria Kulagina