A Month Of Heartwarming Cats

Tatyana Peregudova invites to spend a month with cats.

A Month Of Heartwarming Cats

Have you definitely got tired of the exams? Is it hard to relax and tune in the New Year parties? The cats’ pictures exhibition will help you.

The exhibition of works by Maria Gelfreich is taking place in the Gogol Library.

Where: St. Petersburg (Sredneokhtinsky Avenue, 8).

This picture show is called “Heartwarming cats. The cozy fairytale” (“Тёплые коты. Уютная сказка”) and it has been opened since the 8th of December.

Besides the works of the artist, there will be given a lecture about cats in Middle Ages: “The world of bestiaries: toothy, clawed, terrible”.

When: the 21st of December.

This event is worth a visit. Why?

Firstly, it is much better, than the “cat-cafes”: none of the animals are exploited.

Secondly, it is free, but you can take part in a charity program. Any things for animals are accepted: food, toys, meds, money and the other needs.

All of the things donated will be sent to animal shelter “Fluffy friends of the residential complex "I am Romantic"”.

Thirdly: the visit is not only a way to take a rest, but to self-develop also.

When: 8–30 December 2019.

Text by
Tatyana Peregudova