Speak Spanish or Portuguese? Join HSE Latin-American Club

Speak Spanish or Portuguese? Join HSE Latin-American Club

The HSE Latin-American Club is created for those who are interested in history and culture of countries of Latin America, who learn Spanish or Portuguese and want to make friends by interests. The club hosts a lot of entertaining and educational events. All announcements are available on Facebook and Vkontakte.

Every month there are several events, cinema evenings and parties in HSE Latin-American Club. You can take part in ‘Discussion Club’, where various interesting and relevant topics are discussed in Spanish or Portuguese. The best thing is that native speakers participate in this events, so you can get a full language immersion as well as make new friends.

Latin-American Club also makes some educational elements. It provides information on educational opportunities in Latin-American countries for HSE students and graduates. During the ‘Cultural Weeks’ participants explore cultural characteristics of Latin America, and discuss the latest news of the region.

To learn more about HSE Latin-American Club we asked Mariia Popkova — HSE fourth-year student — about her experience in the Club.

Why did you become a member of Latin-American Club?

Last year I participated in exchange program and studied in Madrid for one semester. Later I was asked to share my experience of studying abroad at an event, which was organised by HSE Latin-American Club.

I stayed until the end of the event and realized that this Club was the concentration of everything I missed after my returning to Russia. A lot of Spanish language, Spanish music and communication with foreigners.

What are your responsibilities in Latin-American Club?

I mainly work with the printing house: my responsibilities are to print and share posters to let everyone know about the events of the Club. I also work in the language club and event department. At the moment, we are preparing a celebration of Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead).

Who are the participants of Latin-American Club?

There are HSE students mainly, although our doors are open for everyone. The club became a place where students from different countries get to know each other and become friends. There are people from Colombia and Venezuela, and it is so exiting to speak with them in Spanish!

Text by
Olga Korotaeva