Social Inclusion Team Of HSE ESN Moscow

If you are thinking about volunteering in a student organization in Moscow, then you should join Social Inclusion team.

Social Inclusion Team Of HSE ESN Moscow

The main idea of Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is to help foreign students to be connected to other students during their student mobility programs. ESN is organizing many Social Inclusion activities. The main idea of them is creating impactful activities to build bridges between the students and the local community and foster intercultural awareness.

Every student in Moscow can join the team, you just need to be willing to make the world a better place, and there are many ways you can do it. Volunteering means making a change, doing something good, leaving a mark! We encourage the organisation of activities that focus on social engagement. Here are some examples of events for students.

Dogs and cats dating

That event is held a few times per semester. That is a charity event for helping Russian dog and cats shelters. Students that love animals can join ESN team visiting the shelter to walk and play with dogs and cats, they can donate some stuff for them! Most of students that have pets back home and miss them so much during their exchange semester, this event helps them to make new fluffy friends and also helps to support dog shelters.

Charity treats

A few times a year active member of ESN HSE Moscow bake some tasty things and sell them in the dorms. All the money ESN HSE gets from selling goes to a charity fund. Last time it was a fund Nochlezhka. Nochlezhka is the only fund which helps homeless people in Russia. Nochlezhka has helped thousands of people in 29 years of operation.

Open MAY: Mental Health

We do care about mental health of student and find that topic very important for everyone. We decided to make some events that will help students to deal with stress during exams period, stress about missing home or friends.

We gather together and tell each other ways that help us to reduce influence of stress, tell each other stories that motivate us, or suggest books to read. We try to understand and find the way to make our daily life more fun, more enjoyable and meaningful.

Social inclusion week

Every semester ESN HSE Moscow holds a week of social inclusion activities. We think that only by working together, we can make the world a better place. During social inclusion week most of events are connected with ecology, relevant problems in the society and communities. During past years ESN HSE Moscow  collected clothes and food for homeless people and refugees, gave a speech about sustainable fashion and tourism, helped students to develop habits that will help to save the planet, also visited some town and schools there, so children from different parts of Russia would be able to learn something new about other cultures.

Text by
Evgeniya Golovkina