Case Championships

Kirill Loktionov talks about cases.

Case Championships

Cases championships are becoming very popular every year. People solve them at competitions and work with them in case clubs. However not everyone understands what it means to solve a case and why it can be useful.

What is a case?

A case is a task, which is aimed at solving a problem that, in reality or in theory, a company, organization or a person have faced. The case helps to understand how to find the best approach to the problem by providing your own solutions.

What cases do we know?

Most often, there are two types of cases. The first type includes cases in which the organizer already has his own solution and the winner is the one who guesses the answer as close as possible. Such cases are most often used as training tasks in case clubs, but they can also be used as part of a job interview.

The second type of cases are frequently used during the case championships. They do not provide a fixed solution and reveal different solutions. The organizers study all of the answers and choose the best.

What are case championships?

Case championships are team competitions to solve cases, most often held in several stages (for example: qualifying and final stages). Case championships are organized mainly by companies that need to solve a specific problem. The best teams in the championship who have offered a better solution are often offered to take an internship or even get a job.

Why to participate in case championships

Case championships help to better understand the essence of business processes and structure data, develop some skills of public speaking and the ability to create presentations. It can also be noted that case championships discipline and learn how to competently work with deadlines.

How to create a team for case solving

The team is the most important issue in preparing for championships. The most effective are the teams where people with different temperaments and interests are gathered. Despite the fact that it is sometimes difficult to find a common language, the presence of diverse people in the team will help to comprehensively approach the solution of a case. While choosing a team, attention should be paid not so much to skills and knowledge as to a person’s motivation, his desire and willingness to devote himself completely to this business. When you make your first steps in case solving, motivation is the key factor, because skills are acquired with experience.

How to find good solutions and win case championships

The secret of success is constant practice. The number of championships is growing every year. Therefore, you need to try your hand at the maximum number of cases. Among the important points necessary for comprehensive solutions, attention should be paid to a good structure of solution, a comprehensive analysis of the problem, competent work with information sources, detailed, understandable and beautifully designed presentation and oral speech. Do not give up, go to the end and succeed.

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Kirill Loktionov