HSE SPb Chess Club: Pursuit Of The Chess King

Kirill Loktionov talks about one of the most favourite games among students - chess.



For more than a thousand years, chess has been a game that excites the best minds of the planet. Logic, tactics, analytics, and ability to act in cold blood and predict the opponent’s actions – this is all about chess.

Every year, chess tournaments become more and more popular, attracting a huge number of spectators around the world. The youth is not an exception: young people who must move progress forward and build a better world, pay attention to the great game. HSE SPb, as a modern advanced university, takes into account the interests of students, their desire to develop in different directions, as well as desire to play chess.

HSE SPb Chess Club unites both beginners and experienced players and provides them with the opportunity to train, improve their skills of playing the game, and learn new and interesting things about their favorite activity.

Healthy rivalry is an important phenomenon among young people, as it helps to reveal their best qualities. Therefore, on October 19-20, the Chess Club hosted the annual tournament "autumn season of hunting for the king." It attracted more than 50 participants from different universities of Saint Petersburg and left behind many great memories. After group stage organized by circle principle and containing 30 "rapid" games (each participant had 10 minutes for his moves), best players passed in playoff stage and revealed the champion. Such tournaments are a great opportunity to test your skills while playing with strong experienced opponents. In my opinion, it is great to participate there. Therefore, test yourself and obtain good results.

Text by
Kirill Loktionov