K-Dance Is A Combination Of Sport And Entertainment

Why dancing is useful? The example of the student organization K-Dance.

K-Dance Is A Combination Of Sport And Entertainment

You have often heard the phrase that movement is life. And that, of course, is true.

Especially, you understand it entering the university and getting a very serious and busy schedule of classes, along with stress and deadlines, you can forget about your hobbies and favorite activities. Do not worry, I will try to help you cope with all these issues.

I would like to focus your attention on physical activity, which should not be forgotten by young and active people. I was engaged since childhood in various sports, including dancing, it is very tempered me and gave self-discipline and even the ability to achieve my goals. Do not think that only in childhood you can learn new sports or dancing. A person just needs to be open to everything new and not afraid of the opinions of people around him and peers. If you are a student and study many different disciplines at once, involved in projects and just try to participate as much as possible in the life of our university, it is significant to remember that any person needs to be distracted and change mental load on physical.

I understand that Moscow is a very big city and there are various studios or sports clubs, but you should always remember that our university is a separate city or even country in a sense that there is anything you probably would like to do. There are all opportunities for activities.

different directions and stretching. It will be much more comfortable for you to train among the same ambitious students who wants to try something new or just maintain the shape of body and health. Dancing as a sport will help you diversify the learning process with creative activities that will not only bring pleasure, but also health benefits, contributing to the acquisition and maintenance of good physical shape. Moreover, it is a great chance to meet new people in the creative team.

 A bit about K-Dance. In the 2019 academic year K-Dance became a full-fledged student organization. During the year there were many interesting events, we held an open day, which was visited by many of our students. We held several master classes, at the end of which videos were filmed with the performance of new choreographies. Also, we have successfully stretched and put on the twine some of the most diligent and persistent students of K-Dance, all videos and photos can be found in our account in Instagram. Further only more and better. Our doors are always open. "Get into the rhythm of K-Dance."

Our choreographers speak fluent English and not only. Although the language of dance itself is an international language. It is never too late, trust us and start new chapter of your sport and dancing life in the wall of HSE.

Text by
Ekaterina Borisova