Keeping Fit While Studying - HSE Has A Solution

How can you keep yourself in shape if keeping up with the deadlines is not enough? Ask Zhanna Dyakonova.

If you want to start your fitness journey, you should look up the official HSE sports clubs. This was one of the first things I have done in the beginning of my studying here. Honestly, it is extremely rewarding. There are so many kinds of different sports to choose from!

There is gymnastics, martial arts, volleyball, cheerleading and so much more. Personally, I chose going to the pool. Swimming always was a favorite of mine and I was thrilled to find out I could go to a pool twice a week for free. What makes it better is that the pool is located in Bauman Moscow State Technical University, which is just several metro stops from Starya Basmannya, 21/4. You can also get there by bus and that will take you approximately 10 minutes. 

The pool itself is huge, ten 50m rows. They are, however, packed with people all the week. This is what students are constantly complaining about.

I really love sport but have no time for it and the HSE suggests a wonderful solution to that. It’s a shame that it becomes uncomfortable with that many people, as it really is the only flaw of this program. I go swimming twice a week and don’t plan on stopping.

When you go into the pool area, coach gives you a choice: either be given some lessons on swimming or swim by yourself. Personally, I think it is a wonderful thing. You can get advice from a professional and become really good at swimming but you can also swim however and as much as you want. The lesson begins at 19:00 and ends at 20:30, although you can exit it any time before.

Another great way to keep yourself in shape is dancing. There is a great student organization called 'HSE Dance’. You can go on their page in any social network and see what classes they provide and what timetable is relevant now. There is so much to choose from - hip-hop, jazz-funk, contemporary, latina, even yoga!

I have vogue dance lessons twice a week and love it. It is one of my favorite dances of all time and it’s really cool that I have been able to find it here.

It is not a couple of students in a big room; every dance group becomes full soon after the registration opens. If you felt the urge to dance but there are no places already, you can always come to a master class, which is a one-time thing! In addition, if you are extremely passionate about dancing, you can join a full-time dancing group, which performs on different kinds of student events! 

Finally, there is a student organization called WorkOut. It is based on a 100-day program, which helps you get into fitness or, if this is not your first step in the gym world, get better. There are dozens of positive reviews, so it’s definitely worth a try.

Text by
Zhanna Dyakonova