Hand-To-Hand Combat In HSE

HSE provides hand-to-hand combat classes for students which helps them stay healthy.



There are all kinds of sport classes in HSE from basketball to swimming classes. Among all of these activities, I would like to introduce the hand-to-hand combat classes. Actually I am a really fan of mixed martial arts. I was excited when I first heard that HSE provides this kind of class. In addition, all classes are provided for free.

What do you learn or get through these hand-to-hand combat classes?

First, it makes you healthy, releases your stress and trains your body to overcome difficulties. As well as it teaches you practical defensive techniques that might be useful while you live in Russia.

 The training will be easy for people who have an experience in martial arts. The classes will be similar to what you did in the past so you do not have to worry. As for the beginners it might be little difficult at first. However, as your body gets more used to the training you will see the progress. Every class trainer teaches new techniques. Most of the students who come to classes do not have any experience in martial arts. If you are a beginner, do not get nervous everything will be fine. In addition, it is a good opportunity to make friends. 

The training session

The training session lasts 2 hours. First, you run for 5 minutes. After you do cross fit exercises for 30-35 minutes. Then you stretch and repeat the techniques from the last lesson for 30 minutes with your partner. After that you learn new 3 to 4 techniques and practice it about 15 minutes. At the end depending on time, there will be light sparring.

Hand-to-hand combat classes are divided in to 3 stages.

At the first stage we learn only ground techniques (grappling and wrestling). (From September to February)

As for the second stage we learn punching techniques (boxing). (From February to April)

At the third stage we learn kicking techniques. (From April to June)


As for the equipment, you need shorts and t-shirt. Right now we are at the first stage so you do not need any equipment yet. However, at the second and third stages you might need gloves, mouth guard, bandages, shin guards. Do not forget to bring the water and do not eat too much food before the training.


B. Trekhsvyatitelsky per., 3, HSE martial arts gym (metro station Kitay Gorod, Kurskaya).

First floor (near the gym and а103а-а108 cabinets)


Monday, Wednesday, Friday (20:00-22:00)

Saturday (18:00-21:45)

Text by
Peter Choi