HD for HSE Dance

HD for HSE Dance

In 2018 a new student organization called „HSE DANCE“or HD was opened by a first-year student Polina Kolesnichenko. She was one of the first who decided that HSE needed a dancing organization where every student can show their dancing talents. Her idea was very successful and HD gained its popularity very quickly.

Now they organize master-classes, perform in different events and teach every person how to dance perfectly! Do you want to join? Then read an exclusive interview from the founder of HSE DANCE in this article and find out how to become a part of their team!

How did you get the idea to create HSE Dance?

The idea came when I entered the university and realized that there was nothing dancing there. To be honest, in August, before my admission, I surfed the HSE’s social networks and websites and found nothing related to dancing. Therefore, I already knew what I would do when I went to university. All I had to do was find people who would help me, because I just got into HSE and had no idea how it all worked out. And I needed those who would help me with creating and opening my own student organization.

How did it all start? What challenges did you face to while opening a student organization?

It all started with the fact that I proposed the initiative, writing in the conversation of my course with a request to connect me with a senior course. A boy from the second year (curator) Kirill Evdokimov answered me, we discussed my idea with him. It turned out that he was crazy about dancing too. So, Kirill introduced me to the whole dancing atmosphere at the university. It was super helpful!

As for the difficulties, our student organization was registered for a very long time. And yet there was absolutely no suitable training room. At first, we studied in the assembly hall on Staraya Basmannaya - we moved all the chairs away and simply danced there. And after training, I had to put them all back in place. In general, there were no conditions at all, we could not configure communication. Everything did not go exactly as I wanted...

What dancing directions do you have now?

We are constantly developing. Last year, we had only master classes that took place every two months, and a team that performed everywhere. This year, we had the opportunity to conduct open master classes, which you can attend without any entry to everyone else. Now we have 9 different groups - yoga, stretching, juzz funk, vogue, hip hop, contemporary dance, Latina, general physical training.

Is it possible to come to you if I do not speak Russian?

Yes, it is! A foreign student is already visiting our stretching lessons. There is no problem with this. Moreover, such things as stretching and dancing, they do not imply knowledge of the language. Here you need to show and dance! In dancing there is only one language - the body.

If I am bad at dancing, but I have a great desire, can I join?

Anyone can join us. We do not conduct any castings by level. The only casting we have is casting in a team. There should be really trained guys, we often act with them, compete. I come, give them certain movements, put on a dance and that's it – we are ready to perform. There is no time for learning basic things and slowness in a team. However, there is no selection for all other directions - it doesn’t matter if you ever danced before or not. The only criterion is the desire and making an appointment on time.

How can I find out about your classes?

You should monitor our social media accounts - Instagram and Vkontakte. There is information every month for both classes and master classes. The main thing is not to miss all this.

Do you often go to some competitions or speak on behalf of the HSE?

Last year, we had a couple of events at which we acted, but it was all inside the HSE. Outside, we went once. It was a reporting concert in a studio, where I used to dance. It was a real stage, spotlights and everything that was needed for artists and dancers. However, this year in February we plan a performance on behalf of the Higher School of Economics outside the university. We will now begin to seriously prepare for this.

What are your plans for further development of HD?

We plan to cooperate with very cool guys, but this is a secret right now.  Well, of course, other plans are to compete a lot, to speak on behalf of the HSE, to show that in our university you can not only study science, but to expand the dance culture at our university. The guys are not very active yet, as most student organizations are intellectual in nature. Therefore, we are glad that we are the first to charge the guys. It is both difficult and cool at the same time! We hope that people get involved, and we will come up with even more different cool events.

Wow! Now you know everything about HD. What? Not enough? Then follow their Instagram and VK accounts.

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Text by

Polina Kukushkina

Student, Advertising and Public Relations BA Programme (Moscow)

Liubov Ladyka

Student, Advertising and Public Relations BA Programme (Moscow)