Pokrovka: Future HSE University Starts Here

What makes university complex at Pokrovka one of the most comfortable places to study.

Pokrovka: Future HSE University Starts Here

This summer a long-awaited reconstruction of the HSE complex at Pokrovka has finally come to its end and in September the brand-new building opened its doors to students. At that moment my perception of studying process at university drastically changed.

The first impression was absolutely mind-blowing! I couldn’t help admiring that everything in the whole complex was designed to make students’ time spent here more well-organized and studying more effective and pleasant.

Now let’s take a closer look at unique advantages a student can hardly ever find anywhere except Pokrovka.

Library available 24/7

It’s not just a title – students have an opportunity to visit the library anytime, even at night. The library at Pokrovka has nothing to do with all the libraries I have ever visited.

Firstly, its first distinctive feature is a unique construction: three floors of co-working and a study zones, extraordinary modern interior, and plenty of open space make the library a place where motivation to study increases twice as much.

Secondly, the library is provided with the latest models of laptops so students don’t have to take their personal ones. Besides, there are thousands of books on different topics from Economics to Data Science, including the works of the latest research.

Coffee to go

If you feel exhausted after some intensive classes and want to sort of recharge, coffee points are waiting for you. Students no longer have to spend time looking for a good coffee shop. There are two cafes with wide choice of drinks and snacks, to say nothing of coffee machines, located in co-working rooms at Pokrovka.

Food options for all tastes

Food is a key part of our life. Students have to be full if they want to study effectively and not to get tired. It is definitely impossible to stay hungry at Pokrovka.

Now forget everything you know about students’ cafeterias because there are dining options of the future at Pokrovka. You can have breakfast, lunch and dinner in six different places.

The central canteen offers a variety of modern meal services including stations where meals are prepared in front of visitors, a take-away station with plenty of snacks and a salad bar where you can choose ingredients on your own. Service is organized in the way to reduce queues: people freely move between ‘islands’ of meals and choose what they like without any need to follow a particular order. There are also dishes from different national cuisines (especially Russian and Asian ones) and healthy food options are also available.

If there are too many people in the central cafeteria, you can visit one of the three cafes or even have a meal at the restaurant. For people in a hurry there are food-trucks with fast-food options located in the central and south atrium.

Extracurricular activities right at university

At Pokrovka there are lots of students’ organizations. Everyone can easily find the most appealing one. For those who can’t imagine their life without moving there is a dance hall where the regular dance classes, workouts and yoga classes are held on a regular basis.

Different language speaking clubs are welcoming fans of foreign languages and those who want to improve their speaking skills.

Social organizations like student councils are waiting for activists. And there are lots of other activities that will be a great chance to have a new hobby, meet interesting people and relax after studying.

Moreover, students have a chance to attend lectures and masterclasses from the famous business people to learn some tips how to start a successful career and get motivated (these events are usually held in the HSE cultural center).

The “Book Vyshka” Store

HSE own bookstore offers out-of-print books and merch with the university logo is a great opportunity to please yourself after a long day. In addition, students who suddenly realize that they run out of copybooks and pens just before the class can buy stationery here.  It is located right in the complex.

Pokrovka is an absolutely must-see location so I hope that you will have an opportunity to visit a place where future HSE university has already started.

Text by
Daria Timofeeva