HSE Dance: Door To The World Of Dance

HSE Dance: Door To The World Of Dance

HSE Dance is a student organization, which open its doors last year. Despite the fact, that HSE Dance is quite a new organization, this community has grown a lot. Now we can see that it`s becoming more and more popular among students of all ages.

Well, it all began with one girl. Her name is Polina Kolesnichenko. She became a student of HSE and her passion for dancing led her to the creating this organization. There is a big amount of talented students in our University. Some of them already have achievements in dancing, but some students just want to get a taste of it. HSE Dance gives them this opportunity.

We would like to answer some of your questions and doubts if you want to try dancing.

Why should I take part in these dancing classes?

If you want to work off your extra energy, relax, forget about your problems and deadlines for a couple hours, dancing can definitely help you. Controlling your body, overcoming stress, feelings of euphoria, self-expression are just some benefits of dancing.

I do not know how to dance/I do not have enough skills for it.

Remember that you cannot achieve anything without learning and practicing. If you truly want to dance, it is time to start.

How can I attend these classes?

HSE Dance has master classes, standing dancing groups and the team.

The first ones are for those who want to try different styles of dancing (hip-hop, jazz-funk, vogue, contemporary and so on) or just relax. You can join whenever you want.

Standing groups are for those who are taking dance classes on a regular basis. These groups can help you in achieving desired results. As for the team, it requires responsible people, who can`t imagine their life without dancing. They should have some skills and pursuit of development. The team performs at various events and participates in competitions.

So, the decision to join HSE Dance or not depends on you, but its doors are always open.

Text by
Ekaterina Shtanova