University Saturdays for ART Lovers

University Saturdays for ART Lovers

“University Saturdays” is a project that enables everyone to receive additional knowledge directly from university teachers. The program includes popular science lectures, master classes and seminars, and the subject covers various areas - from robotics to photography.

University Saturdays are held at various HSE campuses. This is a part of the “University Open to the City” project, in which HSE has been participating since 2012.

There are two main reasons why you might like this format:

  • If you have been interested for a long time in a specific topic, then one of the lectures will be able to update your knowledge.
  • You will probably meet the same enthusiastic people who like to spend Saturdays at educational events. So, this is a way to make new friends and acquaintances!

If you are interested in photography and beautiful shots, then you should definitely attend the master classes by Sergey Georgievich Strokov, Leading Engineer of the Training Laboratory, Quantum Optics and Nuclear Physics of HSE.

At the meetings with the audience, speaker touches on the most basic questions of novice photographers and the controversial issues of advanced users.

For example:

  • The importance of an unexpected shooting point and angle
  • From what angle does the person perceive the image?
  • How to build a composition, combination and types of plans?
  • What is the main task of the photographer?

Master classes are always held in live contact with the audience and with many illustrative examples. You may even have the opportunity to be a model on the lessons of portrait photography.

The next workshop will be held on October 26th. The theme is “Saturday Plein-Air”.

Location: HSE building in Strogino, 5th floor.

Time: From 12.00 to 13.00.

The full list of lectures and workshops can be found here

Text by
Maria Kulagina