Moscow Is Better with VeloVyshka

Dedicated to those who love cycling.

Moscow Is Better with VeloVyshka

VeloVyshka. Night is a sporting event that takes place two times a year: in spring and in autumn. The name tells its own tale - a night bike ride organized by students of Higher School of Economics.

When you live in the concrete jungles of the 21st century, you often do not pay attention to the beauty that surrounds you. Every day goes by the same pattern, and people care only about daily worries.

The project opens eyes to what is difficult to notice in everyday life. Students ride a route that includes landscapes of the night city with all the romance of our capital.

Thanks to VeloVyshka, you can see familiar buildings and attractions from the opposite side. The city changes its appearance when the night comes, and HSE students with their friends have a great opportunity to appreciate all the captivating beauty of Moscow city.

VeloVyshka is a group of students and graduates of Higher School of Economics. They have won a lot of awards and received recognition at their university. VeloVyshka. Night moved far beyond the framework of our university, so anyone from outside can join the cycle ride!

What you should definitely take with you on a bike night:

warm clothing is required

it is recommended to have a hat, scarf and gloves

power bank

your phone might need it as you are going to take millions of photos

water or tea

you’ll definitely get thirsty


you ride a bike at night

rain cover

(based on the weather)

Bicycles for Rent

It does not matter if you do not have your own bike and none of your friends could lend it. The organizers made sure that every registered guest had the opportunity to rent a bike. Every year, the guys from VeloVyshka project negotiate with bicycle rental networks near the starting point and inform the participants in advance about the rental cost. Gathering of participants without their own bikes traditionally starts an hour earlier.

Starting Point

In September 2019, a huge square near the Polyanka metro station became a starting point of the route. Every year the race starts at 10 P.M., but the venue may change from time to time. Organizers of the event carefully think over the route of each Cycle Night, restrict traffic at difficult intersections and try to make the roads to the destination point as comfortable as possible for cycling lovers and professional cyclists.

This September, the route passed along the Moskva River embankment to Fili Park, then after stopping for an entertainment program, the column of cyclists moved towards Strogino. In the second half of the bike ride there was a breakfast stop organized in EUROSPAR culinary, where participants could have a bite and get warm. The bike ride was accompanied by photographers who tried to capture the emotions of cyclists in the most beautiful places of Moscow.

The entire route was 45 km long. Cyclists finished at 6 a.m. Despite the cool weather and long trip at fairly high speeds, participants of the event had the strength to dance at the rest points :)

In a column of cyclists moving along the streets, you can feel as a full-fledged participant, not a marginal road user. Speed switches click, buzz chains, red lights flash under the saddles of bicycles. Everyone should feel such emotions at least once in a lifetime!

Text by
Maria Kulagina

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