Live The Day with HSE

The eighth HSE day in Moscow: a look from the inside out.

Live The Day with HSE

Since 2012 for one day Gorky Park has passed into a large-scale platform for a huge event – HSE Day, where all the visitors can feel the atmosphere of the university life and get a chance to become one-step closer to HSE.

This year, on September 5th guests met with teachers and students, attended lectures by public speakers and master classes prepared by student organizations of Higher School of Economics (Moscow), took hundreds of photographs and participated in dozens of sports activities such as beach volleyball, annual marathon and quests.   

The park was divided into 12 zones: HSE sports, HSE music and Fashion show, English-language lectures, HSE.Career.Start, Heroes' arena, and many more. The article describes the most interesting and memorable locations of the HSE day below.

"Acquaintance with HSE" zone was located at the entrance to the park. Here parents and applicants could learn all the ins and outs about studying moments from volunteers and leaders of student programs.

“HSE StudLife” zone was an avenue of tents of 30 student organizations. Anyone could receive a prize after completing all the tasks in each of the tents. Here guests were entertained by various tests for logic, creativity, as well as getting information on how to become a member of each organization.

HSE Land entertainment zone was located on the Frunze embankment. Most of the young people gathered in SOULMATING: friend or love tent, where in a short period of time it was possible to meet a dozen peers with similar interests and exchange contacts. Students also liked creating their own print on t-shirts and bags with paints and participating in the exclusive HSE quiz game.

The whole world in one HSE zone treated guests from different countries with traditional dishes and drinks. Visitors guessed the words of famous songs and received tickets, which then could be exchanged for national sweets.

Various activities were organized for the youngest guests of the HSE Day, too. At the HSE Family Green School, children and their parents were offered many workshops such as creating a robot, cartoons and painting T-shirts.

Traditionally, every year HSE Day ends with a large-scale concert with a participation of Russian pop stars. This year Feduk and Tima Belorusskyh became the headliners of the event. The concert took place at the Green Theater and was open to only for HSE students.

The HSE Day has become a good tradition at Higher School of Economics in Moscow and it is an amazing opportunity for applicants, first-year students and all visitors to understand our own HSE culture and spirit. 

Text by Maria Kulagina