HSE Green Event

HSE Green Event

On April 15th a group of girls who are concerned with the pressing issue of abundance of plastic on our planet organized an entrancing event on the Griboedov Canal.

The environmentalists took tables from a lecture-room nearby and put them in a half-circle, arranging a “po stanciyam” game. Each table represented some challenge and after passing all tables one could get something delicious from the table with food. 

#1: Cases

In the first table you had to draw what was requested. Basically, the assignment was to draw a public advertising encouraging participants to reduce the harm that human does to nature, but each case included different details.

#2: Container

The second table: one of the activists described different types of rubbish and how it must be sorted. Glass, paper, metal, tetrapak (unit package) and hazardous waste (e.g. batteries) must be discarded separately into specialized dumpsters.

#3: 5R or Zero Waste

Table three: Here the audience had to match a beneficial action that a regular person can do for preserving nature, with a classification of actions. Here are 5 classifications with one example:

Refuse — refuse to take leaflets on the street;

Reduce – reduce using plastic cups and carry your personal cup instead;

Reuse – make eco bags from old T-shirts;

Rot - put leftovers into special containers. They can be used as manure;

Recycle - sort rubbish for further recycling.

Also activists demonstrated items made of recycled materials, such as, a bowl, glass-holders and badges made of processed plastic; a pencil-case and a bag made of bubble wrap.


The fourth table was a book sourcing, where anyone could borrow a book. Besides, there were internet links to different green web sites and containers where students could put their used batteries.


The next table was dedicated to reducing one's "eco footprint".

Each person affects the Earth by living here, but it is possible to reduce the negative effect of our residence on the planet. You can calculate the effect of your living on the planet on the website footprintcalculator.org. Generally, girls called upon reduction of resources’ spending whenever possible.


The last table was swarming with various treats. There were both vegan snacks, which didn't include milk as an ingredient, and non-vegan refreshments. You could get a treat showing seals, printed on your hand after passing tables.

To sum up, the game organized by the greens was extremely interesting, informative and educational; it certainly did catch the public attention.

Text by
Ivan Voznesenskiy