Garage sale: find new clothes for a new season

Spring Garage Sale took place at HSE Saint Petersburg

Garage sale: find new clothes for a new season

Recently, on March 12, another Garage Sale was held at HSE St. Petersburg. This is a traditional event organized by HSE GREEN, where anyone can come and exchange, take or give for free clothes.

The organizers decided that the beginning the spring is a great way to refresh your wardrobe and get rid of clothes you’ve already tired of. So, on the second floor of the campus on Kantemirovskaya HSE GREEN activists helped many clothes find new owners. Besides, guys played board games and even cooked a cake!

 Other clothes went to the charity container “Spasibo”, which is located on the first floor on Kantemirovskaya. The organizers remind you that if you have unwanted clothes, you can always take them to the Spasibo container on Kantemirovskaya or hand over them at any other “Spasibo” point in the city.

Moreover, the organizers of HSE GREEN created the album "SECOND HAND" in their group, so that it becomes even more convenient to exchange clothes you don’t need. So, now you can arrange meeting with someone in the campuses of our university.

Written by Michail Voronov