Art in HSE: where, when, how

Art is an essential part of our lives.

Art in HSE: where, when, how

It is amazing if you can create art, but it is more exciting, if you have an opportunity to do it in university.  HSE in Saint-Petersburg gives this opportunity.  In 10th of March 2016 art studio called  “Masterskaya khudozhnika”began its work, and now it gives every HSE student a chance to draw and paint, and, moreover, improve and develop their artistic skills.  Anastasia Sadovnick shares her views about the Studio.

Q:  Tell a little bit about the studio

A: First of all, this is a place, where people gather to learn art or draw for pleasure, a place, which students visit not to forget how to paint and so on. It is important to notice, that we have 2 types of lessons.  The first class is for academic art. There we work out our technique of drawing, I mean, we try to understand, how to move volumetric figures to flat sheet of paper and how to show a perspective and proportions. This type of lessons is held once a week. The second kind of classes are free classes, where students can draw whatever they want, but if they run out of ideas, tutors help them with it. These classes are twice a week.

Often there is not a big number of visitors, but sometimes it`s even more convenient. When there is not a lot of people, tutors can give their attention for everybody, so it makes lessons more efficient.  In any case, there is always a friendly and cozy atmosphere.

By the way, the works were not in vain. For instance, some pictures, painted by our visitors, we can see in the halls of  building of faculty of economics and management.

Q: What reason for setting up a studio can you name?

A: The main reason was that students had not got any place where they could express their feelings, anxiety, happiness.  By the way, exactly emotions and feelings can become a catalyst of inspiration. For the first time there were just academic lessons, but then there were added master-classes. For example, in 2019 there was a workshop  “Sketching with markers”.

Q: Do you like visit the studio? Why?

A: Yes, of course! I adore drawing, and, most of all, this place, unlike other art studios, allow me to express any of my fantasies, even crazy things.

Q: Where is it located?

A: “Masterskaya khudozhnika” is located in the campus building in Kantemirovskaya street, 3, in the tower. You should walk to the 4th floor on the main staircase, go throw the glass corridor then turn left and move straight. There you will discover another one stair, get up on the highest floor. Here you are!   

So, if you want to learn drawing or just do it for yourself, you are always welcome!

Written by Aleksandra Firak