Dance Life of HSE Students

Who are HSE main dancers? Ksenia Pinyaeva, the HSE Dance Club leader, answers to that question and others.

Dance Life of HSE Students

In HSE there are many different groups, studios, sections on interests, where students can express their thoughts outside of learning activities. One of these clubs is HSE Dance Club (HDC). Its participants have been dancing hip-hop for the past 6 years. Over the years, they became popular not only among HSE students but also among the dance teams of St. Petersburg. The HDC has more than once become the laureate of various festivals and competitions, such as Just Dance, ART-Studio and The Scarlet Sails. Their dances are distinguished by brightness, incendiary, mass character, frequent change of pattern and incredible synchronicity. How do they manage it?

We visited one of the rehearsals and spoke with the head of the HDC. It turned out that the team was created in 2013 by Ksenia Pinyaeva, a student of Sociology Programme. She organized the club when she was a student.

HI: How did you come up with the idea of creating your own dance club?

Ksenia: All my life I am engaged in various types of creativity. When I entered HSE in Saint Petersburg, I joined the SDS and I prepared a performance for each event. Then the idea came to organize a dancing day, HSE Day, after which I was offered to create a dance studio. And I thought: "why not?" Having gone away with this thought on holidays, I returned to the new academic year and created the HDC.

HI: How many participants were there during the first year?

Ksenia: I think there were about thirty people. I even began to divide into 2 groups. The recruitment grew more and more in the following years. Now a hundred people can come during the recruitment process. The best stay with us - the team is a team.

Also, this year we have a new choreographer Anastasia Verman. She met Ksenia outside the University at dance master classes. And when Nastya this year entered the HSE, Ksenia invited her to become the second choreographer.

Ksenia: This is an excellent experience, a kind of test, a different look ... So, we disagree with some things, but, as they say, the truth is born in a dispute. It helps to make the visual image better, enriches the dance.

Besides, the HDC tries to hold a final concert every year, where they present all their dances to the public. Usually, it takes place at the end of May, before the summer examination session, in order not to interfere with the students getting ready for their exams and, at the same time, they have time before going to their hometowns for summer vacation. Moreover, the HDC is always trying to participate in many events or competitions so that the dancers could see the result of their work.

Now the team members are preparing a new dance for the ART-Studio, and therefore they spend a lot of time in the dance hall working out each movement. At the same time, a pleasant, friendly, cheerful atmosphere remains in the hall, in which it is easy to work for hours on end. Here everyone is ready to help everyone. If you missed a rehearsal or did not understand the dance bunch, the team will easily explain and show you. Moreover, as the dancers themselves note, Ksenia always has an individual approach to each participant of the HDC, so you should not be afraid that you didn’t understand something or you have a job because of which you cannot attend all the rehearsals.

In addition, HDC has its own traditions. Annually they celebrate New Year together and exchange gifts. And it is not just a simple feast, the guys independently prepare dances and show them to each other. They also celebrate the end of the season after the final concert. They can attend some master classes together and improve skills of dance.

So, if you like dancing, you get tired of doing it in front of a mirror and you want to improve your abilities - come to the HDC. They will teach you to dance, if you are not able, or will help to rise to a new level of skill. Make it easy. The selection takes place every year in October in the form of open classes for everyone. You just have to come and you can become part of the HDC.

A little farewell from Ksenia:

You need not to be afraid to try or discover your new facets. When if not now?
You always need to understand that this is the time to try. And if you like to do something, then you should not listen to others. People on our way will always dissuade us from what we eally want.
The first thing is to listen to your own heart. If you get the joy of sculpting, singing, dancing or learning the ten words of Chinese every day and experiencing a surge of energy, then just go ahead!
Believe in yourself, because we are all unique! Each light has his own star.
The main thing is not to oversleep, not to miss and keep your nose to the wind!

Text by
Valeria Zlodeeva