Ice-Vyshka 2019. How 2 Ices Melted 500 Hearts

Ice-Vyshka 2019. How 2 Ices Melted 500 Hearts

In the middle of February there is a tradition at HSE to conduct an amazing and funny event - "Ice-Vyshka". The organizers are from well-known council "Students for students" and they always do their work at excellent level: professionally, modern, impressively and just cool.

The main thing that is associated with this event is big ice (actually, two!) where students from the whole campus meet at night doing skating and having fun. Ice-Vyshka is for everyone who wants to participate in such a wide-scaled event. And, believe us, once you come there - you will definitely fall in love with it.

Ice, ice... two ices

This year, Ice-Vyshka took place at night from 16th to 17th of February. The topic was "Two airports in two cities: Paris and London". Also, the event was correlated with celebrating the 14th of February - the St. Valentine's Day. Therefore, the Ice-Vyshka certainly wanted to melt students' hearts! The goal was definitely achieved.

Why these two cities? So, Paris is a city of romance, where no one is running without watching around, instead, here people enjoy each other, like to hug and kiss. To illustrate such atmosphere, the smaller ice was chosen, music here was romantic, slowly and well-known. It was quite cozy to be here, less people and relaxing. Also, activities and competitions were really nice! To be closer with people you do not know but would like to - this is a slogan of this ice.

Another ice was bigger, noisier, faster - this is like in London! Much more people, but they were still friendly, open-minded, funny. The music was dynamic and made you to feel your internal energy. A lot of competitions in the centre of ice were extremely great, it could consume everyone, even if you are shy.

Never forget - here the best and active people from HSE meet together. And the prizes were so attractive, organizers always take care to cooperate with the best partners. Like, for instance, certificates to famous restaurants, museums, shops.  

Of course, there were also a lot of photographers and videographers who caught significant moments and emotions of everyone present. Is not it fine to have new photos with your mates? Memories are priceless.

Interesting fact: if you have a costume called kigurumi, you can come for free (but need to write in group list in advance). This is also a tradition.

Six hours, 500 students, hundreds of lovely songs, melted hearts, beautiful smiles and happy eyes - this is about Ice-Vyshka! Do not miss it next year!

Text by
Anastasiia Vanchurina