Theater Exercises from the "Svoy Variant"

Want to become more flexible or artistic, but do not know how? Small exercises that are held in the theater studio "Svoy Variant" will help you because you can use them almost everywhere – in transport, at home and even on a lecture!

One of the  most important elements of acting is the face, because everything what a character feels is transmitted, to a greater extent, through the emotions on the face. It is very important to "prepare" it before you start rehearsing the role. You can massage your face with hands, pinch nose and cheeks to disperse the blood, and then you can start grimacing. Replicate faces of the people while you are in the subway or in the bus, walking in the street or in the University; make funny faces to your friends and do not be afraid to look a little silly.

The next exercise is aimed at the ability to control muscles of your whole body. This training is best done lying on a flat surface, but you can also do it standing or sitting. The goal is to strain only one part of your body, a wrist, for example, the rest of the body should be relaxed. Gradually strain further, rising or falling on the body (first your wrist, then forearm, then the whole hand, then the chest, abdomen, thigh, etc.).

And finally, something like combining the first two trainings: replicating a picture. Here your task is to find any picture or photo that depicts people, look at it for a minute, and try to remember the character's pose, facial expression, look – any details that will help to become as similar to him/her as possible. Then portray this character by including the background. It's a really great training on flexibility of your body, attention and memory.

And furthermore, it's a great way to have fun with friends!

Text by
Anastasia Yurko