Tricky Tricks in the "Svoy Variant" Theater Studio

Tricky Tricks in the "Svoy Variant" Theater Studio

Halloween Party, the celebration of which is one of the first theatrical traditions, was held on the night of the 4th to 5th of November in theater studio "Svoy Variant"

Each member of the Studio was reincarnated in a certain character (existing or invented) with its own history, demeanor and appearance. The celebration of this event was attended  by  not only the current participants of the theater Studio, but also by the "old men" who had graduated from HSE  long ago and left the Studio, but  it remained in their soul .

The Halloween spirit united students and former heads of the Studio that night and made everyone equal, allowing to party the night away. In honor of the occasion special "Klonowska" food was prepared, members of the Studio played different games, talked about their characters and laughed a lot. 

That night, like all events of the Studio, brings theater-goers together, strengthens team spirit and improves friendly relations between the participants.

Text by
Alexandra Horoshavina
Anastasia Yurko