Meet HSE Art Union, Top Media Club in HSE SPb

On November 7 the meeting of the Club was held in the building on Promyshlennaya Street for the first time in the history of the club.

What is HSE Art Union

The Art Union Club (now there is only Russian-speaking group at is a special place in HSE - Saint-Petersburg for creative and active people who are interested in photography, video-making and design. The Club takes a quite crucial role in all HSE SPb events, taking photos and making videos about them. As a media club it works hand by hand with such student non-academic organizations as SDS, THE VYSHKA, etc.

Besides, the Art Union members and managers plan to expand the involved audience by inviting international students and organizing lectures in English.

About the Meeting

The meeting was focused on the discussion on current trends in photography and video-making. The heads of the Club, Darya Sovetnikova and to Vlad Krutikhin, were talking about the importance of the quality and the light for a good picture and the interdependence of these two things.

“Usually the great light on the picture dedicates its quality! Look at the picture of mine – the good light makes the colors of the picture very natural and simple, but at the same time creates a high quality of the whole photo!” - said Vlad.

(Vlad is on the right)

Then they said a couple of words about further lectures which will be concentrated on the work with the colors in order to make the photo and video attractive.

Unexpectedly to the heads of the Club there was the biggest amount of people at the meeting. Over 15 students (the average amount is 5-7) have decided to share Wednesday evening with the Art Union Club.

The members of the Club are always welcome to everybody. Contact us and see you at the next meeting!

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Text by
Alyona Ivanova