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HSE St Petersburg Scholarship

Since the Fall Semester 2019/20 HSE St Petersburg provides scholarships for outgoing student mobility


Scholarships are available both for long-term mobility (semester exchange, double degree programmes and QTEM) and for short-term mobility (summer schools).

Scholarships available in the Spring Semester 2020

1. University College London, UK 1 spot, 150k rubles

2. University of Turin, Italy 5 spots, 120k rubles

3. EDHEC Business School, France 1 spot, 120k rubles

4. Harbin Institute of Technology, China 3 spots, 90k rubles

5. Humboldt University, Germany 1 spot, 120k rubles

6. Ludwig-Maximilian University Munich, Germany 1 spot, 120k rubles

7. LUISS Guido Carli University, Italy 1 spot, 120k rubles

8. Politecnico di Milano, Italy 1 spot, 120k rubles

9. Solvay Business School, Belgium 1 spot, 120k rubles

10. University of Navarra, Spain 1 spot, 120k rubles

11. Pompeu Fabra University, Spain 1 spot, 120k rubles

12. University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy 2 spots, 120k rubles


How to apply? 

HSE St Petersburg Scholarship:

- for Semester Exchange: tick a special box in your application form

- for DDP: when applying via LMS, your application will be considered automatically

- for Summer Schools Abroad: your application will be considered automatically

Erasmus+ and First+: your application will be considered automatically. Best applicants will be awarded automatically


Eligibility (according to the HSE St Petersburg Scholarship Statute):

- no academic failure;

- no financial debt;

- student doesn't have any other type of financial support from HSE St Petersburg

Best applicants will be awarded automatically according to the number of available scholarships.


Payment Procedure

Once a student receives a confirmation email about the scholarship, he/she has to check with Student Accounting Department whether they have all required information to proceed with scholarship payment (e.g. bank account details). The scholarship is transferred at a time to student's Sberbank MIR card issued by the university. If student doesn't have such a card, she/he have to apply to the Student Accounting Department for further changes.

Upon arrival to the partner university student has to ask Incoming  Exchange Students Coordinator to sign and stamp the Confirmation of Arrival and send the scanned copy of the document to the outgoingspb@hse.ru.

According to the HSE St Petersburg internal procedures, all scholarships are paid only on the 5th day of each month (e.g. on Septermber 5th, on October 5th and etc.).


1) Summer Schools Scholarships: given the mechanics of assigning scholarships, the timing of banking operations and the short duration of the mobility programme, please be prepared for the fact that the scholarship can be transferred to you after returning to Russia.

2) Semester Exchange (incl. DDP, QTEM): as students usually arrive to the host university at the first week of September, scholarship will be transferred on October 5th, November 5th and December 5th.


Erasmus+ and FIRST+ scholarships are third-party scholarships, students receive all payments upon arrival.