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HSE St Petersburg Scholarship

Since the Fall Semester 2019/20 HSE St Petersburg will provide scholarships for outgoing student mobility


Scholarships will be available for long-term mobility (semester exchange and double degree programmes) and for short-term mobility (summer schools).

Semester Exchange

List of partner universities with scholarship covered spots

1. University College London, UK: 2 spots (150k Rubles each)

2. University of Turin, Italy: 5 spots (120k Rubles each)

3. EDHEC, France: 2 spots (120k Rubles each)

4. Harbin Institute of Technology School of Management, China: 5 spots (90k Rubles each)

5. Humboldt University Berlin, Germany: 1 spot (120k Rubles)

6. LMU Munich, Germany: 4 spots (120k Rubles each)

7. LUISS Guido Carli University, Italy: 2 spots (120k Rubles each)

8. LUISS Business School, Italy: 1 spot (120k Rubles)

9. Politecnico di Milano, Italy: 2 spots (120k Rubles each)

10. University Pompeu Fabra, Spain: 2 spots (120k Rubles each)

11. Seoul National University, Republic of Korea: 1 spot (150k Rubles)

12. Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management, Belgium: 1 spot (120k Rubles)

13. Technical University of Munich School of Management, Germany: 1 spot (120k Rubles)

14. University of Mannheim, Germany: 2 spots (120k Rubles each) 

15. University of Navarra, Spain: 2 spots (120k Rubles each)

16. University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy: 2 spots (120k Rubles each)

17. Zhejiang University School of Management, China: 1 spot (150k Rubles)

18. Fudan University SoE & SIRPA: 1 spot (150k Rubles)


How to apply?

For Semester Exchange: tick a special box in your application form

For DDP: when applying via LMS, your application will be considered automatically


Assessment and Dissimination

Best applicants will be awarded with the scholarship