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What is a student mobility programme?

An international student mobility (Student Exchange) programme is your opportunity to study abroad for one semester or full academic year at one of HSE's partner universities. 

Student Exchange is a unique chance to improve your language and communication skills, broader your Academic and career perspective and find many friends and future business partners from across the world!
Studying in a prestigious foreign university is an excellent highlight to your higher diploma which will increase your competitiveness in the labor market.

Centre for International Cooperation HSE St.Petersburg opens call for applications for international mobility programmes at the beginning of each semester. Besides, the students of the campus may benefit from the participation at the university-wide call for applications, which is coordinated by HSE Moscow Student International Mobility Office

Types of Mobility Programmes
Who is eligible to participate?
  • state-funded and self-paid students showing good academic performance (no failed exams)
  • Bachelor’s students from HSE - St.Petersburg starting from the 2nd year of studies (the priority is given to those successfully passed at least four exam sessions)
  • Master’s students from HSE - St.Petersburg starting from the 1st year of studies (the priority is given to those successfully passed at least one exam session)
  • PhD students from HSE - St.Petersburg (if this type of mobility is indicated in a student exchange agreement)
  • Priority is given to the students who have not participated in the international mobility programmes before
Call for Applications - Terms and Deadlines

The call for student exchange applications within campus-specific and university-wide mobility programmes is announced twice a year within the more or less regular dates.

Call for applications for the Fall Semester:

HSE - Saint Petersburg (campus-specific) mobility programmes: January - March

HSE (university-wide) mobility programmes: February - March

Call for applications for the Spring Semester:

HSE - Saint Petersburg (campus-specific) mobility programmes: September - October

HSE (university-wide) mobility programmes: August - September

Application periods may slightly vary from year to year. Some destinations require an earlier application, some allow late applications. Please follow our website - when a new call is open, it appears on the second page "Call for ... semester".


Please visit the websites of other mobility programmes to learn about their specific application rules, periods and deadlines!

General Terms and Conditions
  • Exchange students (except free-movers) do not pay the tuition fee at the host partner university (some other fees e.g. application fee, registration fee, accommodation placement fee etc. may apply)
  • Exchange students normally bear the airfare, accommodation and living expenses; a full or a partial scholarship covering the expenses might be received
  • Your learning outcomes (credits) at the host partner university can be transferred to your HSE transcript of records
  • Selection process is based on the applicant's academic performance (Cumulative average grade), language proficiency and volunteer experience
  • Selection results are approved by the HSE St.Petersburg Internationalisation Steering Group (ISG)
  • One student can apply for multiple exchange programmes simultaneously (e.g both HSE St. Petersburg-specific and University-wide calls for applications) but can be nominated for one exchange program only
How to apply for an international student exchange programme?
  1. Check out the regular application periods of the mobility programmes you want to apply for. Wait for the new call for applications to be announced
  2. Study the list of available study-abroad destinations and make a motivated choice of 2-3 universities. Research the courses available for exchange students at the desired host university. Discuss with your Academic Supervisor and your Study Office how to match it with your curricula at HSE to ensure credit transfer. We advise to do this research in advance, before the call for application starts!
  3. Pay special attention to the language requirements of the chosen destination. Make sure to secure the language certificate (IELTS, TOEFL etc.) in advance if it is required by the host university. Take your time before the call to improve your language proficiency - this is your key to a successful study abroad experience!
  4. Try to estimate the expenses that you will have to bear while on exchange. Look up for scholarship opportunities.
  5. Start preparing your application in advance*
  6. When the new call for applications is announced, visit the website of the call, check the list of required documents and application procedure
  7. Apply and submit all documents online - no need to submit any paper-based documents! Except for some very rare cases