An international academic mobility programme is an opportunity to study abroad in one of the 100+ partner universities of the HSE. Students may spend a few weeks, one semester or even a whole academic year in a foreign country. Some of the spots are covered by different types of scholarships. More than 850 students have already gained international experience within our exchange programmes.


  • Start of the term

    Time to choose!

    At the beginning of each semester, our team runs a number of presentations where you can learn more about the exchange opportunities. Check this website and your corporate student e-mails to find more details.

  • September and January

    Collect documents and apply

    Check the requirements for the application package here. Choose up to 3 universities from our catalogue, prepare a separate set of documents for each destination and submit them here.

  • October and March

    Good things come to those who wait

    It takes up to 6 weeks for our team and the Internationalization Steering Group to select the best candidates and inform all applicants about the results.

  • November and April

    Keep calm and carry on

    If you were selected for an exchange programme, there is no time to relax. After quickly celebrating it, go on to the next stage - follow the instructions from the host university, prepare documents to apply for visa, accommodation and plan your trip in details.

  • During the mobility

    When in Rome, do as the Romans do

    Have a great time abroad, meet new friends, gain new skills and unforgettable memories, but do not forget to study well!

  • After coming back

    There is no place like home

    Welcome back! Do not forget that you need to transfer your grades at the HSE. The host university will send your transcript of records to our office unless they did not provide it to you before the departure.


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