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Goals and Objectives

The goal of RepLab. The Laboratory is aimed at conducting theoretical and practical research in the area of management of reputation and sustainability in Russian higher education and world science. It strives to do it by using various tools to manage the university’s reputation, participating actively in the process of university internationalisation and involving students in the development of the university community.

We aspire to become an important centre of knowledge where we will conduct deep research and analysis of world practices of reputation management and sustainability maintenance in the sphere of higher education and science. Our goal is to give valuable practical guidelines which can be directly used at Russian universities and scientific institutions.

We also strive to encourage active interaction between students and the university community, enriching the academic experience through practical research projects and facilitating students' participation in the development of scientific knowledge and innovations.

We invite everyone, who shares our passion for research and development of higher education and science, to join us in this important initiative. Together, we can contribute to improving the university’s reputation and sustainability and the development of a qualitative educational and research environment in Russia and the whole world.

5 Objectives

Objective 1

Conducting research and consulting activities in the subject area of the Laboratory, testing modern technologies and distributing the best practices.

Objective 2

We engage in designing and implementing educational programmes in the format of open courses and corporate training at universities in Russia and other countries as well as governmental and non-governmental organisations. 

For universities, we develop open programmes which can be available for students and professionals from various countries. Such programmes can include lectures, seminars, practical classes and an exchange of experience among participants. We also focus on developing customised corporate educational programmes for organisations which aspire to strengthen their competencies in the area of reputation and sustainability management.

Our experience and knowledge allow us to create educational programmes based on up-to-date research and best practices. We strive to make our programme interactive, practice-oriented and adapted to the needs of each university.

Objective 3

We pay special attention to the development of students' competencies. Our methodology includes the use of innovative tools of project learning and individual educational tracks with the methodology of 'project service learning'.

We aspire to provide students not only with theoretical knowledge but also practical experience which has a real and significant impact on society. Methodology 'Service Learning' allows students to apply their skills and knowledge to solving real social and public tasks.

Using this methodology, students will actively participate in projects which are aimed at solving real problems and challenges in society. It will allow them to develop their leadership and communicative skills and an ability to work in a team while their actions will benefit the environment.

Objective 4

We actively invite colleagues and HSE students as well as representatives of other organisations, including foreign ones, to take part in the activities of our Laboratory.

We believe that numerous prospects and diverse experiences contribute to deeper and more productive research and development. The cooperation with the HSE community provides us with a unique chance to unite academic knowledge and practical experience to reach new results.

We also invite representatives of other organisations, including foreign ones, to cooperate with RepLab. It helps to broaden our horizons and add new ideas and approaches to our work. We are ready for an active exchange of experience, knowledge and innovations which can significantly enrich our research and projects.

Together, we can create a dynamic environment where each participant can contribute to and take part in implementing our ambitious goals. We are open to everyone who shares our commitment to the development of knowledge in the sphere of reputation and sustainability management and other relevant topics for universities and society.

Objective 5

We actively encourage forming joint initiatives with various structural units, project groups of HSE University as well as governmental bodies, commercial companies and socially-oriented non-profit organisations.

Our goal is to create strong partnerships facilitating the exchange of knowledge, experience and resources to reach common goals. Joint initiatives allow us to unite the expertise and resources of different organisations in solving difficult and important tasks.

Cooperation with public authorities can facilitate a more effective adaptation of our research and educational programmes to the up-to-date needs of the society and economy. Together with partners from commercial companies, we can develop practical approaches to reputation and sustainability management which reflect the modern demands of the market.

Socially-oriented non-profit organisations add an important social and ecological perspective to our research and projects. Joint efforts in this direction can help to overcome global challenges and add positive influence on society.

We are ready for dialogue and cooperation with various partners and aspire to create long-term mutually beneficial relations which contribute to the development of knowledge, innovations and positive changes in education and society.


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