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Registration with the Federal Immigration Office (FIS)

Immigration Laws and Registration Policies of the Russian Federation
FIS Registration Policy for HSE Student Dormitory Residents
FIS Registration Policy for HSE Student with Private Housing
Important information
What if I lost my documents?
Contacts for immigration-related questions and issues

IMPORTANT: providing documents to the Immigration and Visa Support Office in self-isolation is being carried out in a distant mode, please find detailed information at the link.

The legal status of the foreign citizens entering and staying in Russia is stipulated by following laws:
  • Federal Law dated 25.07.2002 N115-FZ "On the legal status of foreign citizens in Russian Federation"
  • Federal Law dated 18.07.2006 N109-FZ "On the migration control of foreign citizens and stateless persons in Russian Federation"
  • other federal and regional laws, bylaws, administrative guidelines of the Federal Immigration Service etc.
It is a shared responsibility of both foreign citizens and their host parties to secure the compliance with the federal immigration laws. 

Attention! According to the new Federal Law dated 27.06.2018 N163-FZ all international visitors are subject to registration with the Federal Immigration Office (FIS) strictly under the actual address of their stay in Russia. This provision results in following updates in the FIS Registration Policy towards international visitors of HSE – Saint Petersburg:

1) If you stay in the HSE student dormitory, your FIS Registration is performed by the university as before. The address your registration from now on is the postal address of the dormitory where you stay. Please refer to the FIS Registration Policy for HSE Student Dormitory Residents for further guidelines.

Important! If you have made a Tenancy Agreement and acquired FIS registration at the university dormitory but you do not reside or show up in the dormitory for 3 and more days without giving a prior notice of absence to the dormitory Administrator, the university must cancel your FIS Registration at the dormitory.

2) If you reside in a hotel/hostel / apart-hotel – the hotel must perform your FIS Registration right upon your check-in and give you the original FIS Registration Slip. Always ask your hotel for the slip – you will ultimately need it for your further FIS registration. If the hotel refuses to provide you with registration, report to CIC immediately. Your registration at a hotel expires on the day of your check-out. You will have max 7 calendar days to acquire a new FIS registration in your next place of stay (dormitory, hotel, private flat etc.)

3) If you live in a private apartment/flat (own, rent or stay by friends or relatives) – it is the responsibility of your landlord to secure your FIS Registration in this flat each time it is required (check-in and each re-entry to Russia). 

Before you check-in to a private flat, sign a Tenancy Contract and pay the rental fee, make sure that your landlord agrees to perform your FIS Registration and that your landlord is authorized to do so. Carefully read the FIS Registration Policy for HSE Student with Private Housing, check out the required documents, terms and procedures and discuss it with your landlord. 

FIS Registration Policy for HSE Student Dormitory Residents

FIS Registration Policy for HSE Student with Private Housing

Important to know:

  • Each time you leave and re-enter the Russian Federation, your previous FIS Registration becomes void, and you have to apply for a new FIS Registration
  • At the border control when entering Russia double check that your personal data is indicated correctly in the Migration Card: name, date stamp, the purpose of visit ("study" for students, "work" for international employees, "business" for other guests)
  • Keep your Migration Card, your FIS Registration and your passport safe. It will take quite much time to recover the documents if lost. In case of loss please refer to the "Documents lost" section    
  • International Office does not provide copy-shop services. Please make sure you have all required copies with you when applying to International Office for registration or visa extension. Use the HSE public print system!
  • Each time you obtain a new FIS registration or change the place of residence, please inform the Centre for International Cooperation (CIC) about this by sending an email and a copy of your new FIS registration to migrationspb@hse.ru. This would greatly help us to keep track of your registration and to make sure you avoid any breaches of the law! CIC contacts are listed below
  • International students with Permanent Residence Permit (PRP) obtained in Saint-Petersburg must reside and register at the address that is indicated in their PRP and thus cannot be accommodated and registered in the HSE student dormitory! 

Documents Lost

If any of your critical documents (passport, migration card, visa, FIS Registration slip) got lost or stolen:
1) Immediately report the issue to your local Police department or to a Police department near to the area where you think your documents were lost or stolen
2) Receive a Police claim confirming the loss or theft of a particular document
3) Immediately contact the Centre for International Cooperation and report the issue

Please note: failure to immediately report to the Police the loss/theft of any of these documents is a breach of the migration law that may result in a fine and/or deportation and a re-entry ban. 


The HSE Centre for International Cooperation (CIC) is always happy to answer your questions regarding immigration and visa support procedures and policies.
Please feel free to visit us in person at naberezhnaya Kanala Griboedova, 123, office 215 1 or contact us at:
Tel.: +7 812 644-59-11 ext.61577
Email: migrationspb@hse.ru
Contact person: Ms Anna Burdaeva


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