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Research Seminar "Finance"

Учебный год
Обучение ведется на английском языке
Курс по выбору
Когда читается:
2-й курс, 2-4 модуль


Мустафин Альмир Айратович

Смирнова Елена Юрьевна

Course Syllabus


The Research seminar "Finance" is included in the working curriculum in the direction 38.03.01 "Economics", the level of training is "bachelor". Skills, knowledge, abilities and competencies acquired within the framework of the research seminar should be used in the future when doing term work. The Research Seminar course draws on the theoretical foundations of Information Library Culture and Fundamentals of Research, as well as other economic and financial disciplines. The independent work of the student consists mostly in the preparation and implementation of creative tasks on topics corresponding to the topic of the term work. During the The Research seminar "Finance", it is supposed to study the basics of preparing such types of scientific papers as: Research Proposal, Working Paper, article abstracts, articles for Russian and foreign journals.
Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives

  • Development of basic research skills, study of literature background on the chosen topic, culture of scientific discussion.
Expected Learning Outcomes

Expected Learning Outcomes

  • Analyze the data necessary for the evaluation of economic and financial indicators that characterize the activities of economic actors.
  • Compile a bibliograpy. Read and understand scientific publications on current financial issues, compare and summarize the opinions of different researchers.
  • Apply modern technical means and information technologies to solve analytical and research problems.
  • Gather the initial data sources, analyze them and prepare an information review and / or analytical report using domestic and foreign sources of information
Course Contents

Course Contents

  • Background reading
  • Fundamentals of scientific research methodology.
  • Research methods & Data acquisition
  • On Diplomas
  • Data downloading
  • Forecasting
  • Forecasting-2
  • Interconnections
  • Building FCFF, FCFE
Assessment Elements

Assessment Elements

  • non-blocking Research Article Presentation
    Presentation at a seminar with an overview of a thematic research article on financial issues. Teamwork (in pairs). The goal is to convey the content of the article to a group of students, to initiate a discussion.
  • non-blocking Essay on the topic of the presented article
  • non-blocking Use of English as a working language
    Use of English as a working language. Oral communication, productive discussion. Competent writing in an academic style.
  • non-blocking Активность
    Active participation in seminars, participation in the discussion of financial studies, regular attendance of classes
  • non-blocking Preparing an information model for financial analysis
    Extracting, transforming, and loading external data into a financial model
  • non-blocking A brief analysis of the financial statements
    Evaluating a company's performance or value by using a number of techniques, such as horizontal, vertical, or ratio analysis
  • non-blocking Profit and Loss Forecast
    Projecting income statement line items: Sales Revenue, Cost of Goods Sold, Total Expences, Depreciation, Interests, and Taxes
  • non-blocking 3-statement modeling
    Forecasting Balance Sheet and Cash Flow Statement. Exploring the linkages and interconnections between the Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement and Balance Sheet
  • non-blocking Free Cash Flow forecasting
    Building Free Cash Flows to Firm and to Equity, calculating WACC, finding EV, EqV
  • non-blocking Financial Forecasting Model
    Financial Reporting Simulation Report, Analysis and Forecast
  • non-blocking Calculating WACC in different ways
  • non-blocking Seminar Activity
  • non-blocking Preparing an investment report. Stand-ups
    4 stand-ups covering the current progress in preparing an investment report
  • non-blocking Preparing an investment report. Final presentation.
  • non-blocking Valuation using market approach
Interim Assessment

Interim Assessment

  • 2022/2023 4th module
    0.133 * Essay on the topic of the presented article + 0.067 * 3-statement modeling + 0.1 * Valuation using market approach + 0 * A brief analysis of the financial statements + 0 * Financial Forecasting Model + 0.067 * Use of English as a working language + 0 * Free Cash Flow forecasting + 0.166 * Preparing an investment report. Final presentation. + 0.067 * Seminar Activity + 0 * Preparing an information model for financial analysis + 0.1 * Preparing an investment report. Stand-ups + 0.033 * Активность + 0.067 * Profit and Loss Forecast + 0.1 * Research Article Presentation + 0.1 * Calculating WACC in different ways


Recommended Core Bibliography

  • Economists' mathematical manual, Sydsaeter, K., 2005
  • Fundamentals of financial management, Brigham, E.F., 1986
  • Research methodology : a step-by-step guide for beginners, Kumar, R., 2019
  • Research methodology for economists : philosophy and practice, Johnson, G. L., 1986

Recommended Additional Bibliography

  • Communication research methodology : a strategic approach to applied research, Pettey, G. R., 2017
  • Intermediate Financial Management, Brigham, E.F., 1993