Why You Should Visit the Altai Mountains

The Altai Mountains hold a special place in my heart because traveling to this region is our family summer tradition. 

Why You Should Visit the Altai Mountains

As a child my parents used to take me there to spend time together in nature and to immerse ourselves in the Altai culture. Now when I think about my plans for the summer, a trip to the mountains is at the top of my priority list. It's where I truly rest my soul. To immerse you a bit in this magical atmosphere, I'd like to share my memories. The Altai Mountains are definitely worth a visit.

Lake Teletskoye

I've probably been there more than five times, and it's my favorite location. It is the largest lake in the Altai Mountains and has depth up to 325 meters (the water's very cold, so maybe not everyone will be able to swim).

There are two settlements on Lake Teletskoye, with which the main tourist potential of this region is connected. These are "Iogach" and "Artybash". In each of the settlements you can rent a house, which has everything you need for a comfortable stay. The houses here are usually rented out by locals, whose contacts can be found publicly available on the Internet or directly on the signs outside the houses. From my personal experience last year, it is better to rent in advance 2-3 months before arriving. Of course there are stores there to buy food, pharmacies and lots of cafes with local food.

The village of Artybash even has its own zoo. The animals are very carefully cared for, some of them can even be fed, but for this you need to buy carrots or cabbage at the ticket office (there is an entrance fee). There are also warning signs everywhere about safety around animals.

Another adventure you can experience is to take a boat trip on Lake Teletskoye. These are very exciting excursions, which you can buy tickets for on the shore of the lake (there are usually guides standing by the boats, from whom you can ask about the cost). The most popular route is to get to the Korbu Waterfall. Once you get there, you will not only see this attraction, but you can also go to cafes and buy souvenirs (the area is very developed for tourists).

Lake Teletskoye is the place for those who want a relaxing vacation (you can live in a house on the mountain and walk along the shore of the lake every day or have picnics). Despite the fact that this is a fairly popular destination for people, it is very quiet and peaceful here.

Manzherok Resort

The advantage of this place is a modern architecture in unity with wild nature. The resort itself includes five-star, three-star hotels and villas (they're under construction). The large area of ​​the resort has amusement parks, restaurants, baths, and shopping areas. This place suits lovers of relaxed and active vacations. There are spa complexes and eco-trails on the territory. In addition, there are many excursions, which can be booked through the official website.

One of the exciting attractions is the cable car. You can come here at any time. In winter, the cable cars let you enjoy the snow-covered mountains and ski slopes. In summer, cable cars take guests to the height of 1020 and 1240 meters, from where you can go for a walk along the eco-trails of the park "Keeper of the Greater Altai". I rode this cable car when I was little and the experience was indescribable. Personally, I haven't stayed in any hotels here, but I've been inside of a five-star hotel and seen the incredible interior in the main lobby. There were also cafes with a variety of food there. In general, this resort can be called one of the most prestigious places in the Altai Mountains, so the prices here are quite high.

Chemalskaya Hydroelectric Power Station

Chemalskaya HPS is a hydroelectric power station on the Chemal River in the village of Chemal. It was decommissioned in 2011 and gradually became a tourist destination. Every time our family comes to Altai, we go here to take a walk and buy souvenirs.

Entrance to the territory of the hydroelectric power station is not free, there is a fee. We park the car in the parking lot and go to the main gate. You can also stay overnight here, as there are tourist centers with houses on the territory. Along the path from the entrance to the station there are small shops with goods (clothing, food, various souvenirs). So it will be very difficult to leave there without buying anything for your friends or family. My favorites - pine nuts, honey and Altai herbs, which I use to make a delicious tea. In addition, there is a small Ferris wheel, that kids will enjoy. Also you can find an ATV rental here. Of course, there are excursions, and professionals will take you for a ride through the mountains.

On the territory there are several active ways to have fun for the bravest ones - bungee jumping (one - for children and one - for adults). If you get tired, you can go down to the river bank and take photos.


These are my favorite places right now and I hope I can visit something new soon. In conclusion I want to say that now tourism in the Altai Mountains has begun to develop strongly. Every year new tourist centers for recreation, cultural places, museums, parks, mountain excursions appear. You can find places that suit your budget. There is almost everything here to ensure that people make their vacation as comfortable and memorable as possible. It is a magical place, where you don’t think about problems and take a break from routine.

Visited and explored by

Lada Lisovaya