Why if You Plan Coming to Russia It Is a Good Idea to Learn Russian

Chen Liu shares why it is important to learn the langage of the country you plan to study.

Why if You Plan Coming to Russia It Is a Good Idea to Learn Russian

Learning Russian is not only a huge advantage, but also a crucial step in getting to know the country and its people.

Lay the foundation for understanding Russian culture

Language is the core of culture and the carrier of culture. To truly understand Russian culture, mastering the Russian language is essential. By learning Russian, you can understand the Russian people's worldview, outlook on life and values, and better understand and appreciate Russia's unique culture. By communicating with local people, you will discover their understanding of the world, their attitude towards life, and their views on history and the future.

Enrich language skills

Learning Russian not only improves your language skills, but also enhances your cognitive abilities, logical thinking, and creativity. The Russian grammar is complex, and the learning process requires a lot of thinking and practice, which will help improve your thinking and learning abilities. At the same time, learning a foreign language can also improve your concentration and memory, helping you better cope with daily study and work challenges.

Expand your network of contacts

Learning Russian allows you to make more native Russian-speaking friends and partners, thereby expanding your network of contacts. Network of contacts is one of the important resources for career development and success in life. Through communication with Russians, you can learn more about the local market and industry information, establish business partnerships, and even obtain job opportunities or investment opportunities. At the same time, communicating with people from different cultural backgrounds can also increase your tolerance and cross-cultural communication skills.

Cultivate independent learning ability

Learning Russian requires a lot of vocabulary accumulation and grammar practice, which requires you to have a certain ability to learn independently. By making study plans, finding learning resources, solving problems, and reflecting on learning results, you can develop the habit and ability of independent learning. This kind of independent learning ability is not only helpful for learning Russian, but also helps you achieve self-improvement and development in other fields.

Improve personal charm

Mastering a foreign language can enhance you charm and self-confidence. When communicating with native Russian speakers, you can demonstrate your language skills and cultural literacy and gain the other person's appreciation and respect. At the same time, mastering Russian can also help you better understand and appreciate Russian culture and art, and cultivate your own aesthetic taste and taste.

Increase global competitiveness

In the era of globalization, one more language equals one more competitiveness. Mastering the Russian language makes you more competitive globally, not only increasing your professional skills but also increasing your advantages in international communication. In a globalized environment, talents with multilingual capabilities are often better able to adapt and cope with various challenges.

Enhance international friendship

Learning Russian isn’t just for practicality or job opportunities, it can also help you make friends from all over the world. By communicating with native Russian speakers, you will find that their ways of thinking, living habits, or worldviews are very different. This cross-cultural communication experience can enhance your friendship with people from other countries.

Tips: How to learn Russian efficiently

1. Learn the Russian letters and pronunciation: To learn Russian, you first need to master the shape and pronunciation of letters. The Russian alphabet is different from the English alphabet and requires careful study and practice. I recommend taking part in the HSE International Prep Year or the free opportunity to learn Russian provided by HSE University. Of course, you can learn on your own through free online courses or textbooks.

2. Learn basic words and grammar: Master some basic words and grammar rules, such as nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs, etc. By learning basic words and grammar, you can better understand the structure and expressions of the Russian language.

3. Practice listening, speaking, reading and writing: Learning a language requires continuous practice of listening, speaking, reading and writing, especially for people who are not native speakers of Russian. It takes time to practice. You can find some Russian original sound materials, such as movies, songs, news, etc., to improve your listening and speaking skills. At the same time, you should also try to write Russian compositions and translations to improve your writing and translation skills.

4. Cultivate interest in Russian: Learning Russian requires cultivating interest in Russian. You can increase your interest in Russian by reading Russian novels, understanding Russian culture, and appreciating Russian music.

Overall, no matter what your reasons are for coming to Russia, learning Russian is an important factor that cannot be ignored. Also, learning Russian requires patience, perseverance and persistent practice. By learning Russian, you will be able to better understand Russian culture, enhance your understanding of Russia, broaden your career paths, enhance your personal competitiveness, and present yourself more confidently on the global stage. Let's start the journey of learning Russian together!


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