How I spent St. Petersburg's City Day

This year, St. Petersburg is celebrating its 320th anniversary. As in previous years, a series of events were held in the city to celebrate the city's founding on the Day of Celebration.

How I spent St. Petersburg's City Day

On the 27th of May, St. Petersburg's birthday, I spent the day touring the city with a friend to experience all the interesting celebrations this year. The sun was shining that afternoon and my friend and I went to Ostrovsky Square to experience the delicious event, the Ice Cream Festival.

At 9.30pm we went to Hermitage Square for the Grand Concert. That evening we watched a high level live symphony orchestra with a steady stream of people and visitors coming to enjoy the concert, and as night fell, the Baroque architecture of the Ermitage Museum next to the stage was particularly beautiful. By 12pm, we were treated to the most beautiful event of the day: the fireworks display. The evening kicked off with a show by one of Russia's oldest fireworks companies, after which fireworks displays were presented every 10 minutes by teams from different countries, which were said to be: Azerbaijan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, China, Tajikistan and Turkey, among others.

The foundations of the city were laid on 27 May 1703 when Peter I ordered the building of the Peterborough Fortress on Rabbit Island at the mouth of the Neva River.

It is reported that St. Petersburg has been renamed several times in its history. After 1914 it was called Petrograd, then Leningrad in 1924, and in 1991 it was renamed St Petersburg.

During these two days of St. Petersburg City Days, the city was filled with a festive atmosphere and I was able to experience not only the warmth of the people who live here, but also the unique culture and charm of the city. I've captured some of the beautiful moments I saw on video and I'm sharing them with you!

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Sifan Chen