ROSPHOTO Exibitions

Daria Poleshchenko invites you to the exhibition project “Imaginary Journeys”.

ROSPHOTO Exibitions

The State Museum and Exhibition Center ROSPHOTO with the support of the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates within the framework of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum presents the exhibition project “Imaginary Journeys”: “The Way to Arabia” and “In One Word”.

Due to the specifics of the photographic image, it is obvious that it is photography that is most convincingly able to connect the present with the past in the eyes of the viewer, providing the effect of presence and those very “imaginary journeys”. “The Way to Arabia” exhibition is dedicated to the photographic depiction of the historical development of the East, as well as imaginary parallels between the present and the past of the UAE, a country that has become a symbol of rapid economic growth. Today, the United Arab Emirates has achieved notable success in various fields - economy, science, culture, sports, etc.; have become a popular destination for tourists from all over the world and an important player in the global economy.

In the halls of ROSPHOTO, images will be presented that reveal the “way to Arabia” in the language of photography. A significant number of these works were created by professional photographers: the Zangaki brothers, the Gulmez brothers, Felix Bonfils, Pascal Seba, Dmitry Ermakov, Anton Sevryugin, and others. Finally, amateur photographers left their visions of the East thanks to the development of technology that made it possible to carry a portable Kodak with them and take travel photographs that are familiar to us, whether it is N. Dormidontov's trip to Egypt in 1914 or the voyage of the Berlin cruiser in the 1920s.

Also, as part of the cultural program of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, ROSPHOTO guests will be able to see an exhibition of works by Elena Podobreevskaya "In a Word" - a diary of impressions of a modern photographer, a story about the moments of life, their elusive beauty.

A journey into the subtle world of details and images will show the beauty of life in its various manifestations, in everything that seems to be quite ordinary. It will reveal unexpected meanings in the surrounding space, tune in to the emotions protected by the palette of the frame. It will suggest thinking about what strokes a person consists of and how events and impressions form the soul.

The expedition will be available since June 16th.

Personally I visited this museum and really liked it. The exhibition called “Earth and sky” by Viktor Ilyin was all about the work of a Kazakh and St. Petersburg photographer of world renown, one of the most interesting representatives of the direction of Russian art photography. 104 original gelatin-silver prints included in the exhibition cover more than twenty-seven years of fruitful creative activity of the photographer.

The creative legacy of Viktor Ilyin stands apart in St. Petersburg photography. In his works, the viewer will not find iconic views of the city. His artistic vision of the world was shaped by the expanses of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, in the environment of which he lived a significant part of his life. It was geography that influenced Ilyin's work. His photographs are hardly saturated with events, but the earth and sky are always wide open on them. Numerous portrait works, the heroes of which are often people close to Ilyin, along with the landscape, remain the basis for the creative search of the photographer.

I also visited “Family album. Felicia archive” exhibition. The exhibition presents a unique family archive, which includes more than a hundred photographs. The collection was handed over to the museum in 2022 and received its name in honor of the main character of the photographs, Felicia Romanskaya (nee Frantz). The archive, covering the time period from the 1860s to the 1940s, contains professional studio photographs taken in a photo studio, and amateur photographs - plein air and interior photographic sketches, as well as letters and documents.

I highly recommend visiting this place.