Opening bridges in Saint Petersburg

Every year, from April to November, visitors can witness the opening of the bridge in St. Petersburg. This time, Chen Sifan recorded the opening process of one of the bridges on video and shared it with everyone.

Opening bridges in Saint Petersburg

Photo by Sifan Chen

The city of St Petersburg is home to many unique and beautiful bridges, such as suspension bridges, motor bridges, foot bridges and small suburban bridges, all of which have beautiful names and stories to tell. As an international student from China, I had heard long ago that St Petersburg is a city on water, linked by countless bridges, some of which have set world records. For example, the Sini Bridge is the widest bridge in the world (97.3 metres), while the Alexander Nevsky Bridge, at 905.7 metres in length, is known as the longest bridge.

One of the main tourist attractions in St. Petersburg is the opening and closing of the bridge. Every year, from April to November, visitors can witness the opening of the bridges. Each opening and closing bridge in St Petersburg has its own characteristics, some are double-winged bridges where both spans open at the same time, while others are single-winged bridges where only one span rises when the bridge opens.

In order to enjoy the view of the open bridge, a few days ago my friend and I went to the famous Palace Bridge in St. Petersburg at around 1 a.m. We stood on the left bank of the Neva River (the side where Neva Street and the Ermitage Museum are located) and waited with anticipation for 1:10 a.m. It was also my first time to see the opening of the bridge. There were a lot of people watching the opening of the bridge that night, many standing on the bank and others choosing to take a boat to see the opening of the bridge up close on the river. My friend and I waited on the shore for a while, finally waiting for the moment to open the bridge. In the people's cheers, the middle part of the bridge slowly rises, the bridge plate slowly unfolded, and finally opened, split in two. At this point, I saw the shore of tourists are taking pictures to record the moment. And in the downstream waiting for a long time of all kinds of boats lined up to pass, pulling the whistle to thank.

It is understood that the Palace Bridge is an open bridge on the Neva River in St. Petersburg and is one of the largest suspension bridges in the world.The bridge connects Vasily Island to the north and the Palace Riverside Road between the Hermitage and the Admiralty Building to the south.Palace Bridge was started in 1912,  its construction was completed in 1916. The architect of this bridge is R-F. Meltzert, its engineer is A.P. Pshenitsky.

Whether you are standing on the river bank, looking at the night view of the city and the swirling river to enjoy the opening of the bridge, or taking a cruise to experience the opening moment up close, I believe it is a good choice. So, the view of the opening of the bridge in St. Petersburg is not to be missed and is well worth seeing!

For a schedule of this year's St. Petersburg bridge layouts and the location of each bridge on the map see the website.

Visited and seen by

Sifan Chen