Eateries and Coffee Shops in Saint Petersburg

A guide by Veronica Denisova.

Eateries and Coffee Shops in Saint Petersburg

Photo by Unsplash

Weekends are coming. I would like to share some interesting places located in Saint-Petersburg I like most of all.

Apraksin market

Apraksin market has always been known among residents of St. Petersburg: in the 90s, people went here to buy clothes and other necessary things, and now you cannot only find anything at the market but also fins interesting cafes here. Located in the heart of the Apraksin market, this Chinese spot - Chufal’nya is a legendary eatery. At lunch time it is almost always full of people, so you’ll have to wait for your dish. But be sure that you won’t regret it (as won’t your budget). Chinese people work there so you probably won’t be advised on what to order. We recommend to get noodles, which goes under F19 in the menu and soup with funchosa, which is E09. There you can also find many interesting Chinese goods, too.

Address: Sadovaya st., 28-30


The next place is near the Apraksin market, too. The place is Vietnamese, it’s called Ris (Rice). There is also bubble tea, many say that this is the best tapioca in their life. It is also worth trying pho-bo and rice dishes. In general, try everything, we are sure that you will not regret it!

Address: Muchnoy pereulok, 7

The Supramen cafe

Should we even mention the location of the next place? Yes, it’s the same market. But it actually has other addresses as well. The Supramen cafe is a spot with higher prices, it looks more usual to us, with good service and interior. The menu offers us Japanese street food with the most delicious ramen, sushi and noodles. We don't know if we were lucky or if this is a common practice, but we were offered a traditional Japanese drink for tasting!

Address: Apraksin pereulok, 4; Kolokol’naya st., Poltavskaya 5/29

Paradnaya coffee shop

Moving closer to Griboedova channel, we will find a Paradnaya coffee shop. The prices are actually a bit higher than usual ones. You should definitely try a raf with salted caramel! Friendly advice: don’t even think of drinking it after 5pm if you are planning to sleep without anxiety. 

Address: Kirochnaya, 7

Tried by

Veronica Denisova