It's Time for the Speed and Wind!

Here is the list of spots for snowboarding and skiing in Moscow and the Moscow region.

It's Time for the Speed and Wind!

Photo by Laura Corredor on Unsplash


It’s the oldest ski resort in the Moscow region, as well as the training base for the Russian national skiing and snowboarding teams. There, instructors will teach beginners how to ski and snowboard, and those who already feel confident on the slopes will be able to test their strength on the slopes for experienced athletes and extreme sportsmen. There is also a special rehabilitation program for people with disabilities. On the territory of the resort, there are 9 ski slopes, a tubing slope, a hotel complex, chalet houses, a mini-spa, a tennis court, an ice rink, several sports grounds, an outdoor pool, a restaurant, a banquet hall, a sports bar, karaoke bar, a children’s room, etc. It’s a great choice for students, for the most part, because of the reasonable pricing policy of the resort. 


Volen is a great option to spend the whole weekend there. I’d recommend to arrive already on Friday evening to ski and spend the night in a pleasant chalet here, on the territory of the complex, and in the morning you can ski again. The sports park has 15 tracks that are not the longest, but suitable for both beginners and more experienced athletes. Here you can do not only skiing but also snowboarding, skating or ice skating. If you want to come for a few days, as was already mentioned, you can stay in a hotel or a picturesque chalet.


To my mind, it’s the most fashionable ski resort in the Moscow region. The pricing policy is close to the Swiss Alps, but the level of infrastructure is also close. The slopes are really interesting. Here you can ride from a mountain 225 meters high on 10 tracks of different difficulty levels. Also, in Sorochany there is a skating rink and a slope for snow tubing. Of course, ski equipment rentals are provided to visitors here. In addition, there is a workshop for the repair and tuning of ski equipment (Ski-Service). At the rental place, there is luggage storage where you can leave your ski equipment until your next visit to the resort. The hotel with comfortable cabins and saunas is located within walking distance from the ski slopes. There is also a playroom for children in the hotel.


Not far from the Molodyozhnaya and Krylatskoye subway stations, there are several well-lit slopes of varying difficulty. The maximum slope length is 300 meters. If you decide to try your hand at skiing for the first time, you can use the services of instructors and guides. Lata Track also provides rental places where they will give all the necessary equipment, shops, repair workshops, and a playground for children. In addition, the complex has sports schools, including those for children with disabilities. Lata-Trek is a good option for learning how to snowboard and ski and for beautiful photos of the city at sunset.


The Chulkovo complex is located 20 kilometers from Moscow. There are five ski slopes of different difficulty levels, equipped with cameras that help to assess the level of congestion on the slopes. There is also a snowboarding park, a tube slide, and an outdoor skating rink. You can rent equipment or bring your own. Chulkovo also has a service workshop for repairing and adjusting skis and snowboards, a shop, a cafe, and a children's ski school. Chulkovo seems to be the most convenient complex for snowboarding and skiing in the southeast of Moscow, but that’s why there are always enough people who want to.


The sports complex is located near the city center, at Nagornaya subway station. For those who are not too confident on the slopes, there is a ski school. It teaches snowboarding and skiing to children from three years old and adults - in the warm season on simulators, and in winter on special training tracks. There is equipment rental, locker rooms, and luggage storage.

It’s a good sports school and there is also an opportunity to buy new clothes from the company store. There are 20 different slopes and a freestyle park. There are ski lifts and an artificial snow system there, as well as a snow park, tubing, and a skating rink. 

Lisya gora

There are five slopes in the ski complex: from one for gentle training for beginners to an extreme one, which has an almost 100-meter height difference. There is also a separate tubing slide. All slopes are treated daily and the presence of lighting allows you to ski comfortably even in the dark. There is a cafe in the complex, and TV monitors there show the image from cameras installed on slopes – this allows guests to see relatives and friends even during lunch.


In addition to slopes for skiing and snowboarding, the sports park has tubing slides, as well as the only toboggan slope in Russia. (A toboggan, a specially designed sled, rushes down a rollercoaster-like slope at a speed of 65 kilometers per hour.) The complex regularly hosts winter sports competitions, including the Cup of Russia and All-Russian children's competitions. There are two hotels, chalets, restaurants, and a Russian banya — in Yakhroma they make sure that fans of winter outdoor activities feel as comfortable as possible.


In Dzerzhinsky, there is a small resort that provides different slopes, also for kids, there is a slope with artificial snow. There is also a slope for tubing and extreme skiing areas. Amateur mountain climbers are invited to free mountain training. However, note that these training have a certain schedule, and it is better to clarify when you can attend them in advance in the park.

Krasnaya Gorka

It’s one of the oldest ski resorts in the Moscow region. It was opened back in 1989, but it has become truly modern and popular among fans of winter outdoor activities relatively recently. There is a tubing slope and four slopes with lifts, artificial lighting, and an artificial snow system. There is a school with instructors, a rental shop, a cafe, and a ski service on Krasnaya Gorka. 

Vorobyovy Gory

According to experts, the Vorobyovy Gory sports complex meets the strict requirements for holding international competitions in all winter disciplines. Snowboarding is no exception. The location in the center of Moscow adds to the popularity of the place. In the dark, the tracks are illuminated. For the comfort of visitors of the complex, there is an equipment rental service. The length of the main slope is about 300 meters. The degree of its complexity allows professionals, amateurs, and even beginners to enjoy themselves.

Severnoye Butovo

The Severnoye Butovo ski sports complex cannot boast of difficult slopes, but the gentle slope allows beginners to quickly learn the basics of snowboarding. The length of the slope is 120 meters, the height difference is 35 meters. The characteristics of the slope and the coaches who can give you some lessons allow you to learn the basics of skiing from scratch. The slope is illuminated in the evenings.

I would also like to mention two ski schools: 

The AllPro snowboard and ski school. The school was opened by Pavel Kharitonov, a famous sportsman. It is conveniently based within the city and has a separate training slope on the territory of Lata-Track in Krylatskoye, where only you and the students of the school ride (so it’s really safe). During the lesson, the lift is free for students and all equipment can be rented on the territory of the complex. Experienced trainers teach adults and children from scratch. While waiting, a cozy area with a view of the slopes is provided, and Krylatskoye has excellent views and sunsets. 

In the Moscow Ski Academy, they teach skiing, snowboarding, freestyle skiing, ski jumping, and even mountaineering. The main goal of the school is to train high-class athletes who can become candidates for sports teams. There are also special sections for people with disabilities. There are several venues for training: “Novo-Peredelkino”, “Kurkino”, “Severnoye Butovo”, “Lata-Trek” and “Vorobyovy Gory”. Training is carried out in groups or individually.


Please note that the slopes may or may not work due to various weather conditions. Therefore, I recommend you to check the latest information on websites or official pages in social networks of these places.

Text by

Anastasia Kochukhova