Winter Trip to Suzdal and Nizhniy Novgorod

A travel video by Hsu Chu Ling.

Winter Trip to Suzdal and Nizhniy Novgorod

Two Days in Suzdal

We took the train first and then the bus. One ticket is 160 rubles. On our way to the city center, we saw many kids playing snow tubbing. The city is fully covered by snow.

According to our guiding book, it said that this is the best café in Suzdal. It’s pretty inside. We ordered a meal with a potato sandwich and borscht. The soup is tasty! After lunch, we went to Suzdal Kremlin. It’s a complex, including a church, cathedral, and museum. There is the Cathedral of Nativity and was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Unfortunately, the Church of the 18th century was under repair so we couldn’t get inside.

In the museum, you can discover the history of Suzdal and look at the miniature of the Kremlin.

We visited a small market on our way back to the hotel. We also tried the most famous drink – Medovuha (honey beer).

Our hotel is on the other side of the town and a little bit far away from the center. We need to cross the bridge. It looks really nice! We’re satisfied! In front of the hotel is a big supermarket. We bought our dinner there.

On the second day, we visited the Museum of Wooden Architecture. We also learned something about how people lived in the past. And then we tried Ivan tea which is the most famous tea in Suzdal. There’s another market in the main square. Textile handcrafts and traditional textile products are pretty famous here. Before we left we bought some plates as souvenirs.

Three Days in Nizhniy Novgorod

We had lunch in a French restaurant, the place is nicely decorated, and the food is delicious, too. Then we went to Nizhny Novgorod Kremlin. A ticket is needed for the oak wall. The wall is really long, and we didn’t finish looking around because we arrived at 15 and it closed at 16.

The Kremlin is not only a fortress of the city but also the historic city center. The view from the right side is really beautiful. In the tower, you can see some exhibits that are showing the history. The main tower – Dmitrovskaya Tower.

Then we visit the most famous street – Bolshaia Pokrovskaya Street. Here you can buy souvenirs and enjoy your lunch and dinner.

We booked the B&B instead of a hotel. The house is clean and big enough. There’s one room, one kitchen, one bathroom and one living room in Russian style. The sofa is so nice that I can spend a whole day on it.

On the next day, we went to Rozhdestvenskaya Street to visit the Church of the Nativity. It is famous for its unusual design and color. Then we went to the Chkalov Stairs. It’s the longest staircase in Russia. Although it’s super cold a photo is still needed!

Then we went to a Chinese restaurant. The taste is good but it's expensive.

After dinner, we visited the Manor of Rukavishnikov. It was a homestead of a lord family and it’s pretty everywhere. Where you can enjoy taking photos!

Then we took Cable Way to Bor. It’s a town on the left bank of the Volga River. Unfortunately, we couldn’t see anything because of the ice.

We borrowed a tubing from kids who were playing there. Next to the station of the cable car is the Ferris wheel.

We had lunch in a Japanese restaurant. The soup noodles are tasty. Sushi is different from Japanese one. Inside of it is cheese, but it’s still tasty!

On the third day, we went to a café for breakfast. It’s chosen as the best breakfast in the city. It indeed tastes good but the price is also high. The Kremlin looks different in the daytime.

Then we went to Nizhegorodskaya yarmarka. There’s a small market that sells some hand-making products. There’s also a small exhibition of ice sculptures.

Text and video by

Hsu Chu Ling